Voiceless bidental fricative

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Voiceless bidental fricative

The voiceless bidental fricative is a rare consonantal sound used in some languages. The only natural language known to use it is the Shapsug dialect of Adyghe. It is also used for a geminate voiceless glottal fricative (so phonemically /hː/) in the original version of the constructed language Ithkuil,[1] its offshoot Ilaksh,[2] and the new version of Ithkuil as one of two allophones.[3] For example About this sound [h̪͆œʒ]  and About this sound [čî’yohh] .


Features of the voiceless bidental fricative:


Language Word IPA Meaning Notes
Adyghe Black Sea (Shapsug) dialect дахэ [daːh̪͆a] 'pretty' Corresponds to [x] in other dialects.

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