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Voiceprint Records
Parent companyGonzo Multimedia, Ltd.
Founded1990 (1990)
FounderRob Ayling
Distributor(s)Floating World Records
Country of originUnited Kingdom
LocationHoughton-le-Spring, Tyne & Wear, England
Official websitewww.gonzomultimedia.co.uk

Voiceprint Records was a British independent record label based in England, founded in November 1990 by Rob Ayling.[1][2] They specialised in re-releasing old material, especially progressive rock, but also had new releases, under the Resurgence and Blueprint labels.[2]

The holding company, Zeit Distribution Ltd., went into insolvency in 2010.[3][4] It was replaced by the phoenix company, Gonzo Multimedia in 2010. The new company has a broader remit, and releases a much wider range of music.[5]


Voiceprint operated a number of record labels,[6] including some for a single band or set of related artists. Major Voiceprint labels include Blueprint,[7] All Saints and Resurgence.


The first release on Voiceprint was a Daevid Allen album, The Australian Years.[1] Among the many other artists whose recordings have been released by the company are Tim Blake, Leonard Cohen,[8] The Fall (whose Cog Sinister label was acquired by Voiceprint in 1997),[9] Fish,[1] Gong,[10] Hawkwind,[10] Steve Hillage,[10] Patrick Moraz,[11] Anthony Phillips,[12] Theo Travis, Rick Wakeman,[10] Gordon Haskell ,[10] and Yes.[10]

The company also released classical music and related documentaries.[13]

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