Voices That Care

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"Voices That Care"
Single by Voices That Care
Released March 13, 1991[1]
Recorded 1991
Genre Pop, gospel
Length 4:56
Label Giant
Producer(s) David Foster

"Voices That Care" is a 1991 song written by David Foster, Linda Thompson and Peter Cetera and recorded by a supergroup of popular musicians, entertainers and athletes.[2] The group of people involved was also collectively known as Voices That Care and was shown as such on the single release and marketing materials. The single and supporting documentary music video were intended to help boost the morale of U.S. troops involved in Operation Desert Storm, as well as supporting the International Red Cross organization.[2] The documentary, which followed the recording of the single to the music video's presentation to the troops in the Middle East, aired on Fox on February 28, 1991,[3] coincidentally the day fighting in Desert Storm ended.[4]

"Voices That Care" reached number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100[5] and number 6 on the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks.[6] Warren Wiebe, a friend of Foster and little-known vocalist at the time who recorded the demo of the song, was invited by Foster to sing lead and deliver the last solo lines of the song.[7] Wiebe died on October 25, 1998[8] (aged 45). The music video was directed by Jim Yukich (who, three years later, helmed the movie Double Dragon) and produced by Paul Flattery for FYI (Flattery Yukich Inc.)

Formats and track listings[edit]

4-Track CD-Single

  1. "Voices That Care" — 4:56
  2. "Voices That Care" — (demo) 4:56
  3. "Messages of Care" — 4:33
  4. "Voices That Care" (instrumental) — 3:36

Musicians at the original recording session[edit]

Lead vocalists[edit]

The following is the order of appearance in the song:

Choir members[edit]

In the music video, footage is shown of Ahmad Rashād, Clyde Drexler, Dominique Wilkins, David Robinson, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson singing the song on a basketball court, but they are not present at the actual choir session. Wayne Gretzky is also seen in a brief clip.

The band[edit]

  • Keyboards: David Foster
  • Synclavier programming: Simon Franglen
  • Acoustic guitar: Dean Parks
  • Guitar solo: Mark Knopfler
  • Saxophone solo: Kenny G
  • Background vocals: Brian Adler, Morgan Ames, Lois Blaisch, Joy Burnworth, Kenny Cetera, Barry Coffing, Marshall Connors, Laura Creamer, Randy Crenshaw, Lorraine Feather, Tim Feehan, Roger Freeland, David Freeman, Robin Hild, Peter Hix, Jeannie Jackson, Linda Jackson, Liz Jackson, Angie Jaree, David Joyce, Gael MacGregor

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