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Voices That Matter was a professional conference/convention series geared towards creative, business and IT practitioners, held between 2007 and 2011. The conferences put an emphasis on learning from and networking with leaders within the industry’s community.[1] The conference format consisted of conversations rather than the more traditional keynote speeches.[2]

Conference speakers included Jakob Nielsen, Joshua Bloch, Billy Hoffman and Steve Krug.[3]


Voices That Matter was organized and produced by the media company Pearson and was founded by Pearson imprint New Riders in 2007.[4] A large number of conference speakers were authors that were published by Pearson Technology Group, a division of Pearson Education.[5]

The Voices That Matter domain name, voicesthatmatter.com, is currently a redirect to the "Voices That Matter" series of books published by Pearson imprint Peachpit Press.



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