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MCG+01-02-015 is a void galaxy. The galaxy is so isolated that if the Milky Way were to be situated in the same way, humans would not have known of the existence of other galaxies until the 1960s.[1]

Void galaxies are galaxies which exist in cosmological voids.[2] Few galaxies exist in voids; most galaxies exist in sheets, walls and filaments that surround voids and supervoids.[3][4] Many of the void galaxies are connected through void filaments[5] or tendrils,[6] lightweight versions of the regular galaxy filaments that surround voids, to each other. These filaments are often straighter than their regular counterparts due to the lack of influence by surrounding filaments.[5] These filaments can even be rich enough to form poor groups of galaxies.[7] The void galaxies themselves are thought to represent pristine examples of galactic evolution, having few neighbours, and likely to have formed from pure intergalactic gas.[8]

List of void galaxies[edit]

Galaxy Void Filament Notes Comments
PC 1357+4641 Boötes void [9] Emission-line Galaxy
IRAS 14288+5255 Boötes void [9] AGN X-ray source
G 1432+5302 Boötes void [10] Starburst galaxy
G 1458+4944 Boötes void [10] LINER galaxy
G 1507+4554 Boötes void [10] Starburst galaxy
G 1510+4727A & G 1510+4727B Boötes void [10] Interacting galaxy pair
BHI 1514+3819 Boötes void [9]
FSS 1515+3823 Boötes void [9]
G 1517+3949 Boötes void [10] Starburst galaxy
G 1517+3956A & G 1517+3956B Boötes void [10] Interacting galaxy pair
IRAS 15195+5050 Boötes void [9] AGN X-ray source
Markarian 845 Boötes void [9] Seyfert 1 (X-ray source)
CG 547 Boötes void [9] Emission-line Galaxy
CG 637 Boötes void [9] Emission-line Galaxy
CG 922 Boötes void [9] Emission-line Galaxy
MCG+01-02-015 [1][11][12][13] LEDA 1852 (Pisces)
Pisces A Local Void [14]
Pisces B Local Void [14]
NGC 7077 Local Void [15]


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