Vojo Dimitrijević

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Vojo Dimitrijević (Sarajevo 20 May 1910 - 12 August 1980, Sarajevo) was one of the most notable Yugoslav painters. As a young painter he was one of the pre-1945 generation giving precedence to social themes along with Danijel Ozmo, Ismet Mujezinović and Branko Šotra. After 1945 this was replaced by themes of reconstruction.[1]


  1. ^ The Grove encyclopedia of Islamic art and architecture: Volume 2 - Page 302 Jonathan M. Bloom, Sheila Blair - 2009 "Social themes had dominated in the inter-war period in the work of Danijel Ozmo (1912–42), Ismet Mujezinović (1907–84), Vojo Dimitrijević (1910–81) and Branko Šotra (1906–60), to be replaced after 1945 by themes of reconstruction as ..."