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Vojvodinian Academy of Sciences and Art (Serbian: Vojvođanska akademija nauka i umetnosti / Војвођанска академија наука и уметности; Hungarian: Vajdasági Tudományos és Művészeti Akadémia; Slovak: Vojvodinian akadémie vied an umení; Romanian: Academia Voivodeană de ștințe și arte; Croatian: Vojvođanska akademija nauka i umetnosti; Rusyn Vojvodinian академії наук і мистецтв) or shortly VANU (ВАНУ) is an academic institution in Serbia in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. It is located in the capital of the province, Novi Sad.[1] The current president of VANU is Endre Pap.[2]


Vojvodinian Academy of Sciences and Arts (VANU) was founded in 1979.[3] The modern academy was founded as a group of citizens on October 23, 2003 by a decree of Nenad Čanak, the then President of the Assembly of Vojvodina. Since December 15, 2009, it has been recognized as an academic institution that is functioning in AP Vojvodina. It was de jure unrecognized as an academic institution by authorities until December 15, 2009,when it was officially constituted by Assembly of Vojvodina. By the new statute of Vojvodina its status has been resolved.[4]


VANU is the academy of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Its main aim is to transmit traditions in sciences and arts of the multicultural and multiethnic area through cooperation with other academies and institutions. Its secondary goal is to improve living conditions in the Vojvodina region by using the spiritual and natural resources of Vojvodina.

VANU as a regional academy with ambition to grow into a mid-European one. It is oriented to the value system of the area and surroundings in which it acts, starting with certain principles. It sees globalization as unavoidable with respect to the standards of scientific and technological development but it has to preserve the values of the area, nation and their cultures and traditions in so far as they are in accordance with humanism and tolerance.


The organization has come into conflict with the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU).[5] After the original VANU (1974-1992) ceased operating, its property and members were absorbed into SANU to the dissatisfaction of some members.[6] According to statement issued by VANU, it also came into conflict with ultra-nationalistic organizations whose identities remain unknown. Some members even received letters of death threats from self-proclaimed 'patriotic' groups in Serbia.[7]


  • Endre Pap[8] - President.
  • Branimir Gudurić - Vice-President.
  • Rudolf Kastori

Corresponding members[edit]

  • Miloš Tešić
  • Julijan Tamaš
  • Srbislav Denčić
  • Ferenc Gaál
  • Lajos Göncz
  • Branimir Gudurić
  • Sava Halugin
  • Boško Ivkov
  • Bogomil Karlavaris
  • Slobodanka Latinović
  • Vukadin Leovac
  • Milorad Miloradov
  • Nada Perišić-Janjić
  • József Szalma
  • Vojislav Stanimirovic
  • Pavle Stanimirovic
  • Olja Stanimirovic
  • Miloš Tešić
  • Bratislav Tošić

Honorary member[edit]

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