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Vojvodina Investment Promotion - VIP
Vojvodina Investment Promotion logo.jpg
Established 2004 (2004)
Chairman Branislav Bugarski
Staff 15[1]
Location Novi Sad, Serbia
Address Narodnog fronta 23d
Website [1]

Vojvodina Investment Promotion is a regional investment promotion agency, founded by the Parliament of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina which provides advisory and assistance services to foreign companies wishing to locate their businesses within the region of Vojvodina, free of charge and fully confidential.

VIP states that its "mission is to enable economic development through facilitation of foreign direct investments and provision of professional services to foreign companies that wish to invest in Vojvodina, thus strengthening local economic competitiveness, through creation of new jobs and increasing family revenues in Vojvodina."

VIP focuses on investment opportunities in economy leading sectors such as Agribusiness, ICT, Shared Business Services, Tourism, Automotive Industry, Metal Processing, Real Estate and Renewable Energy.

Networking and cooperation with provincial and state government institutions, municipalities and self governments, educational institutions, statistical bureaus, domestic and foreign chambers of commerce and development agencies, as well as private stakeholders, potential investors and companies already present in Vojvodina and Serbia are some of VIP's everyday activities.

VIP staff prepares tailor made solutions according to inquiries made by investors. Through utilization of all media forms at their disposal, such as brochures, web presentations and short films, VIP familiarizes potential investors with local business environment and practices, effectively providing "manuals" for doing business in Vojvodina and Serbia.

Vojvodina Investment Promotion is a member of World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) [2]


Vojvodina Investment Promotion - VIP was founded by the Parliament of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in 2004. as a part of the strategic document named "Economic development program of AP Vojvodina".[3]


Goal of VIP is to facilitate FDI inflow into the region of Vojvodina through activities such as location marketing, design of tailor made solutions for foreign investors, aftercare, policy advocacy and development of business incubators.


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