Vol. 1: Unreleased

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Vol. 1: Unreleased
Dilla vol 1.jpg
EP by Jay Dee
Released October 1, 2002
Genre Hip-Hop
Length 22 minutes
Label Bling 47
Producer Jay Dee
Jay Dee chronology
Welcome 2 Detroit
Vol. 1: Unreleased
Vol. 2: Vintage

Vol. 1: Unreleased (aka The Official Jay Dee Instrumental Series Vol.1: Unreleased) is an instrumental EP by the late Detroit record producer, Jay Dee (also known as J Dilla), released in 2002. The EP was compiled by Jay Dee and Waajeed, and is a collection of previously unreleased beats. Two of the tracks on the EP, "Busta" and "L.L.", are respectively named after Busta Rhymes, and possibly LL Cool J, which may indicate that Jay Dee had intended to shop these beats to them. Although Jay and Busta worked together on numerous occasions, he never worked with LL. It is also possible LL could stand for "Lonnie Lynn", the legal name of frequent Jay Dee collaborator Common. Also, it could be entitled 'LL' because it contains small LL Cool J vocal samples throughout. Vol. 1 is distributed by Bling 47 and is mainly available through their website. This release was followed by Vol.2: Vintage, three months later.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Flyyyyy"
    • contains a sample of "A Very Smelly, Grubby Little Oik" by Caravan
  2. "Busta"
  3. "L.L."
  4. "Hambro"
  5. "Substitute"
  6. "Guitar"
  7. "Tomita"
  8. "Vibe Out"

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