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"Valu" redirects here. For the 2008 film, see Valu (film).
This article is about the goetic demon. For the album by Erik Friedlander, see Volac: Book of Angels Volume 8. For the computer-language compiler, see Vala (programming language).

Valac is a demon described in the goetic grimoires the Lesser Key of Solomon (in some versions as Ualac or Valak[1] and in Thomas Rudd's variant as Valu),[2] Johann Weyer's Pseudomonarchia Daemonum (as Volac),[3] the Liber Officium Spirituum (as Coolor or Doolas),[4][5] and in the Munich Manual of Demonic Magic (as Volach)[6][7][8] as an angelically winged boy riding a two-headed dragon, attributed with the power of finding treasures.[6][1][4][5][2][3]



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