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A volcanic group (or, equivalently, a volcanic complex) is a collection of related volcanoes or volcanic landforms. The term is also used in a different sense when it denotes a suite of associated rock strata largely of volcanic origin; see group (stratigraphy) for details.

Notable volcanic groups[edit]

Volcanic Group Location
Akan Volcanic Complex  Japan
Altiplano-Puna volcanic complex  Argentina  Chile  Bolivia
Antillanca Group  Chile
Azuma Group  Japan
Banda Islands  Indonesia
Blake River Megacaldera Complex  Canada
Borrowdale Volcanic Group  United Kingdom
Carmacks Group  Canada
Carrán-Los Venados  Chile
Cochiquito Volcanic Group  Argentina
Coppermine River Group  Canada
Dacht-i-Navar Group  Afghanistan
Daisetsuzan Volcanic Group  Japan
Duluth Complex  United States
Ellesmere Island Volcanics  Canada
Fueguino  Chile
Galápagos Islands  Ecuador
Gambier Group  Canada
Hakkōda Mountains  Japan
Heard and McDonald Islands  Australia
Jemez Mountains  United States
Kaiserstuhl  Germany
Karpinsky Group  Russia
Lomonosov Group  Russia
Meager Group  Canada
Milbanke Sound Group  Canada
Monti della Tolfa  Italy
Mount Edziza volcanic complex  Canada
Mount Raiden Volcanic Group  Japan
Nipesotsu-Maruyama Volcanic Group  Japan
Niseko Volcanic Group  Japan
Northern Yatsugatake Volcanic Group  Japan
Olkhovy Volcanic Group  Russia
Pinacate Peaks  Mexico
Pocdol Mountains  Philippines
Puyuhuapi (volcanic group)  Chile
Rat Islands  United States
Shikaribetsu Volcanic Group  Japan
Skukum Group  Canada
Southern Yatsugatake Volcanic Group  Japan
Spences Bridge Group  Canada
Takuan Group  Papua New Guinea
Tatun Volcano Group  Taiwan
Tokachi Volcanic Group  Japan
Tomuraushi Volcanic Group  Japan
Tristan da Cunha  United Kingdom
Vernadskii Ridge  Russia
Vitu Islands  Papua New Guinea
Yasawa Group  Fiji

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