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Volcom Entertainment Vinyl Club
Website http://vevc.volcom.com


Volcom Entertainment Vinyl Club (VEVC) was founded in 2008[1] by Volcom Entertainment. It is a yearly, paid subscription of six vinyl releases from various artists.[2] All releases are hand-numbered, limited edition colored 7” vinyl pressings and feature original artist recordings and artwork.[3] The VEVC 2011 is set to be available on March 1, 2011.
Recently, VEVC put out a split 7-inch vinyl of indie stars, Best Coast and the up-and-coming JEFF the Brotherhood. The record was featured on multiple music blogs such as Pitchfork Media[4] and Stereogum.[5]

Previous releases[edit]

VEVC 2008[edit]

VEVC0001 Turbonegro/Year Long Disaster
VEVC0002 Witch/Earthless
VEVC0003 RTX/Monotonix
VEVC0004 Tweak Bird/Red Fang
VEVC0005 Birds of Avalon/Dark Meat
VEVC0006 H.R./Valient Thorr

VEVC 2009[edit]

VEVC0007 Valis/Kandi Coded
VEVC0008 Battletorn/Double Negative
VEVC0009 Harvey Milk/Wildildlife
VEVC0010 Andrew W.K./Riverboat Gamblers
VEVC0011 ASG/Karma To Burn
VEVC0012 Ancestors/Graveyard

VEVC 2010[edit]

VEVC0013 The Sword/Year Long Disaster
VEVC0014 Saint Vitus
VEVC0015 Philm feat. Dave Lombardo
VEVC0016 Wildildlife/Flood
VEVC0017 JEFF the Brotherhood/Best Coast
VEVC0018 Earthless/Radio Moscow


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