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Volens (NGO) is a Belgian non-profit organization involved development co-operation and international solidarity. Since 1964, Volens and its networks of solidarity groups supports about 300 local organisations in approximatively 25 countries in Africa and Latin America. The common denominator of all these actors is working towards the integration of marginalised and excluded groups or persons.[1]

Volens is recognised[2] by the Belgian Development Cooperation, which is its main donor.

In the South, Volens focuses on supporting networks of 5 to 8 local partners. These partners identify a common objective that fits in one of the two main Volens themes: "interdependent economy" and "appropriate training".

In the North, Volens is socially involved in awareness raising and education of the general public towards development. Among the different projects set up in this framework, Volens offers the possibility to youngsters to gain experience in development cooperation.[3][4]

Supporting networks[edit]

Volens's 2008-2010 programme focusses on supporting networks of local organisations. People in 24 networks of 5 to 8 local organisations benefit from trainings, look-and-learn visits and scholarships (e.g. ZAVSAP Network in Zimbabwe).


Volens is headed by Kris Fierens (director), who operates under the board of directors presided by Raf De Zutter (Volunteer of the Year in 2007[5]). Volens employs about 10 staff in its headquarters in Brussels, and sends out about 110 development workers in Southern countries.


In 2005, Volens' income was €6.74 million of which 79% was from government grants. Volens' expenses were €6.74 million. 92% of the incomes was spent in the South.[6]


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