Volgar Sports Palace

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Volgar Sports Palace
Volgar Sport Palace, Togliatti, Russia.JPG
Location Tolyatti, Russia
Opened May 8, 1975
HC Lada Togliatti

Volgar Sports Palace is an indoor sporting arena located in Tolyatti, Russia. The capacity of the arena is 2,900. It is the home arena of the HC Lada Togliatti ice hockey team. In 2013, it was replaced by Lada Arena. Two other examples of this rare Soviet Modernism design style is the Hala Olivia in Gdansk Poland,[1] and the Vilnius Palace of Concerts and Sports in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Coordinates: 53°30′19″N 49°16′30″E / 53.505178°N 49.274943°E / 53.505178; 49.274943