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Volk Tour London CC Club 16.14.2007
Live album by Laibach
Released 16.04.2007
Recorded Will Shapland for Live Here Now & Will Shapland Mobiles
Genre Industrial
Label Live Here Now

Volk Volk Tour London CC Club 16.04.2007 is a special limited edition 2 CD live album by Slovenian industrial/techno music group Laibach. The album is a full recording of the band's live show in London at CC Club on 16 April 2007. CD1 contains the first part of the concert with songs from Laibach's new album Volk (except from track "Vaticanae"), CD2 contains a mix of other songs (mostly from album WAT).

Track listing[edit]


  1. Germania
  2. America
  3. Anglia
  4. Rossiya
  5. Francia (part 1)
  6. Francia (part 2)
  7. Italia
  8. España
  9. Yisra’el
  10. Türkiye
  11. Zhonghuá
  12. Nippon
  13. Slovania
  14. NSK


  1. Tanz mit Laibach
  2. Alle gegen Alle
  3. Du bist Unser
  4. Hell: Symmetry
  5. Achtung!
  6. Das Spiel ist Aus
  7. Turbo-Volk Mix (by iTurk)


  • Laibach are: Eber, Saliger, Dachauer & Keller
  • Keyboards: Primož Hladnik, Luka Jamnik
  • Drums: Janez Gabrič
  • Percussion and backing vocals: Eva Breznikar, Natasa Ragovec
  • Special guest on vocal and synth: Mina Špiler
  • Special ghost appearance: Boris Benko
  • Sound engineer: Grant Austin
  • Light engineer: Jernej Gustin
  • Technical director: Gregor Musa
  • Technical assistant: Damjan Bizilj
  • Merchandising: Miha Mohorko
  • Film and videos: Akasa Boljič, Neja Engelsberger, Sašo Podgoršek & Dekaos
  • Bus driver: Andrej Romberg
  • Ground transport: Kultour Coach Company
  • Laibach agency: IBD WALTZ/SCHOLTZ GBR
  • Special thanks: SILENCE, MELODROM, MAKE UP 2
  • CC Club General Manager: Neal Sanders
  • Recorded by: Will Shapland for Live Here Now & Will Shapland Mobiles
  • Assisted by: David Loudoun, Chris Goddard, Joe Adams, Andy Rana, Saxon, Noggin, Iain Forsyth, MJ
  • With thanks to: Robert Schilling
  • Label: Live Here Now

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