Volkswagen Concept A

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Volkswagen Concept A
VW Concept A Heck.jpg
Manufacturer Volkswagen
Production 2006 (Concept car)
Body and chassis
Class Compact SUV (J)
Body style 5-door SUV
Layout F4 layout
Related Volkswagen Tiguan
Engine I4 TSI
Transmission 6-speed automatic
The Volkswagen Concept A

The Volkswagen Concept A was a concept car created by German automobile manufacturer, Volkswagen. It was introduced at the 2006 Geneva Auto Show. The Concept A is a cross between a coupe and a crossover SUV.


The Concept A is powered by an I4 twincharger (TSI) engine which gives out a total of around 150 horsepower. It has all-wheel drive (AWD) with 4MOTION and six gears with automatic transmission. The design of the car is sporty, but still rugged. It is sometimes claimed as a cross between a coupe and a crossover SUV because of this styling and design. A production version of the Concept A, the Tiguan compact SUV, is expected for sale in late 2008.