Voller Hund

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Voller Hund
Ósemka winna z wzoru wuntemburskiego.png
The Dog - the Eight of Leaves
Age range5+
Deck32 French or German cards
(Skat pack)
Playing time5-10 minutes
Random chanceEasy

Voller Hund ("full dog"), possibly known in Austria as Hundern or Hundspiel,[1] is a German card game that is suitable for children. It is named after the Eight of Leaves, the Dog (der Hund), which used to depict a dog in old card packs.[2]


The following rules are based on Gööck.[2]

A 32-card French or German pack may be used. If French cards are used, the Eight of Spades is the Dog. The aim is to avoid being the last player with any cards in one's hand. All the cards are dealt; it makes no difference if one or two players have an extra card. The player with the Dog plays it, face up, to the table. The next player must play another Eight on top of it and may then play any card, such as an Ober, to the pile. The following player must then lay an Ober first before laying a card of his choice on the pile. This continues unless a player is unable to match the last played card, in which case they must pick up the entire wastepile, except for the Dog, and add it to his hand. The last player with cards in his hand has lost.[2]


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