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Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC)
Logo of the Asian Volleyball Confederation.png
Asian Volleyball Confederation Map.png
Formation1952; 67 years ago
TypeSports organisation
HeadquartersBangkok, Thailand
Region served
Asia and Oceania
65 member associations
Official language
Saleh A. Bin Nasser
Parent organization

The Asian Volleyball Confederation, commonly known by the acronym AVC, is the governing body for the sports of indoor, beach and grass volleyball in Asia and Oceania. It has 65 member countries, mostly located in the Asia-Pacific region, but excludes the six transcontinental countries with territory in both Europe and Asia – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia,Turkey and Cyprus,along Israel – which are instead members of CEV.

The main headquarters is located in Bangkok, Thailand and the current president is Saleh A. Bin Nasser.


The Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) was established on May 6, 1952,[1] and since then AVC has become one of the largest continental volleyball associations in the world, with its member federations increasing to 65 from only 12 at the time of its set-up. The first concept of the AVC was launched by the initiative of the late Mr. Nishikawa of Japan on April 1952, and on May 6 of the same year, AVC was officially established with 12 countries participating. The major tasks of AVC at the time were the organization of the men's and women's Asian Championships and the Volleyball Tournaments at the Asian Games.

In 1962, AVC was renamed the Asian Volleyball Federation (AVF) with 20 affiliated national federations after the FIVB Congress held in September 1961 decided to establish the continental zone committee.

The first Congress of the Asian sport Committee (ASC) was held in Tokyo with 22 national federations on October 8, 1964 and Mr. Nishikawa was elected Chairman of the ASC. Due to the revisions of the FIVB Constitution, the ASC was renamed as the Asian Volleyball Confederation. In November 1976 an extraordinary General Assembly was held in Tokyo and elected Mr. Maeda of Japan as AVC President (from 1976-1985) and at the 6th AVC General Assembly Mr. Yasutaka Matsudaira, also from Japan, in November 1985 replaced Mr. Maeda to become AVC President. The two AVC Presidents concentrated their efforts to reorganize and consolidate the AVC organizations and its activities step by step. Asian Senior Men's and Women's Championships, Asian Junior Men's and Women's Championships began to be held on a regular basis; the Board of Administration and the 8 Technical Committees meetings are held annually, and the General Assembly is held every other year.

In 2008, the Asian Volleyball Confederation elected Mr. Saleh Bin Nasser of the Saudi Arabia as its new president. He replaced Mr. Wei Jizhong (Chinese: 魏纪中) of China as the leader of AVC. On 19 June 2008, Mr. Wei Jizhong was elected as the third president in the history of the FIVB during the 31st FIVB World Congress in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The handover of the FIVB presidency took place on 24 August 2008 in Beijing, China.

List of presidents[edit]

# Period Nat Name
1 1952-1985[2] Japan Nishikawa
2 1985-1997 Japan Y. Matsudaira
3 1997-2001 China Yuan Weimin
4 2001-2008 China Wei Jizhong
5 2008-present Saudi Arabia Saleh A. Bin Nasser

Member associations[edit]

The AVC has 65 member associations split into five subzones. In the spirit of the FIVB 2001 Plan, AVC was the first to create five Zonal Associations at the 10th General Assembly in December 1993 prior to the FIVB Centennial Congress on September 1994.

  • 14 from Central Asia (including South Asia and Iran)
  • 8 from East Asia
  • 20 from Oceania
  • 11 from Southeast Asia
  • 12 from West Asia (excluding Iran)
Code Association National teams IOC
Central Asia
AFG Afghanistan Afghanistan (M, W) Yes Yes No
BGD Bangladesh Bangladesh (M, W) Yes Yes No
BTN Bhutan Bhutan (M, W) Yes Yes No
IND India India (M, W) Yes Yes No
IRI Iran Iran (M, W) Yes Yes No
KAZ Kazakhstan Kazakhstan (M, W) Yes Yes No
KGZ Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan (M, W) Yes Yes No
MDV Maldives Maldives (M, W) Yes Yes No
NEP Nepal Nepal (M, W) Yes Yes No
PAK Pakistan Pakistan (M, W) Yes Yes No
SRI Sri Lanka Sri Lanka (M, W) Yes Yes No
TJK Tajikistan Tajikistan (M, W) Yes Yes No
TKM Turkmenistan Turkmenistan (M, W) Yes Yes No
UZB Uzbekistan Uzbekistan (M, W) Yes Yes No
East Asia
CHN China China (M, W) Yes Yes No
HKG Hong Kong Hong Kong (M, W) Yes Yes No
JPN Japan Japan (M, W) Yes Yes No
KOR South Korea South Korea (M, W) Yes Yes No
MAC Macau Macau (M, W) No Yes No
MGL Mongolia Mongolia (M, W) Yes Yes No
PRK North Korea North Korea (M, W) Yes Yes No
TPE Chinese Taipei Volleyball Flag.svg Chinese Taipei (M, W) Yes Yes No
ASA American Samoa American Samoa (M, W) Yes No Yes
AUS Australia Australia (M, W) Yes No Yes
COK Cook Islands Cook Islands (M, W) Yes No Yes
FJI Fiji Fiji (M, W) Yes No Yes
FSM Federated States of Micronesia Federated States of Micronesia (M, W) Yes No Yes
GUM Guam Guam (M, W) Yes No Yes
KIR Kiribati Kiribati (M, W) Yes No Yes
MHL Marshall Islands Marshall Islands (M, W) Yes No Yes
MNP Northern Mariana Islands Northern Mariana (M, W) No No Yes
NIU Niue Niue (M, W) No No Yes
NRU Nauru Nauru (M, W) Yes No Yes
NZL New Zealand New Zealand (M, W) Yes No Yes
PLW Palau Palau (M, W) Yes No Yes
PLY French Polynesia French Polynesia (M, W) No No Yes
PNG Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea (M, W) Yes No Yes
SLM Solomon Islands Solomon Islands (M, W) Yes No Yes
TON Tonga Tonga Islands (M, W) Yes No Yes
TUV Tuvalu Tuvalu (M, W) Yes No Yes
VUT Vanuatu Vanuatu (M, W) Yes No Yes
WSM Samoa Samoa (M, W) Yes No Yes
Southeast Asia
BRN Brunei Brunei (M, W) Yes Yes No
CAM Cambodia Cambodia (M, W) Yes Yes No
INA Indonesia Indonesia (M, W) Yes Yes No
LAO Laos Laos (M, W) Yes Yes No
MAS Malaysia Malaysia (M, W) Yes Yes No
MYA Myanmar Myanmar (M, W) Yes Yes No
PHI Philippines Philippines (M, W) Yes Yes No
SIN Singapore Singapore (M, W) Yes Yes No
THA Thailand Thailand (M, W) Yes Yes No
TLS East Timor East Timor (M, W) Yes Yes No
VIE Vietnam Vietnam (M, W) Yes Yes No
West Asia
BHR Bahrain Bahrain (M, W) Yes Yes No
IRQ Iraq Iraq (M, W) Yes Yes No
JOR Jordan Jordan (M, W) Yes Yes No
KSA Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (M, W) Yes Yes No
KUW Kuwait Kuwait (M, W) Yes Yes No
LBN Lebanon Lebanon (M, W) Yes Yes No
OMN Oman Oman (M, W) Yes Yes No
PSE State of Palestine Palestine (M, W) Yes Yes No
QAT Qatar Qatar (M, W) Yes Yes No
SYR Syria Syria (M, W) Yes Yes No
UAE United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates (M, W) Yes Yes No
YMN Yemen Yemen (M, W) Yes Yes No


Current title holders[edit]



Edition Champion Location Number of Entrants
Men's Championship 2017  Japan Gresik, Indonesia 16
Women's Championship 2017  Japan Biñan and Muntinlupa, Philippines 14
Men's Asian Games 2018  Iran Jakarta, Indonesia 20
Women's Asian Games 2018  China Jakarta, Indonesia 11
Men's Cup 2018  Qatar Taipei, Chinese Taipei 9
Women's Cup 2018  China Vĩnh Phúc, Vietnam 10
Men's Pacific Games 2015  French Polynesia Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea 12
Women's Pacific Games 2015  American Samoa Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea 9
Men's Challenge Cup 2018  Iraq Colombo, Sri Lanka 8
Women's Challenge Cup 2018 Hong Kong, Hong Kong 8

Under age[edit]

Edition Champion Location Number of Entrants
Asian Men's Under-23 2017  Iran Ardabil, Iran 11
Asian Women's Under-23 2017  Japan Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand 13
Asian Men's Under-20 2018  Iran Riffa, Bahrain 23
Asian Women's Under-19 2018  Japan Bac Ninh, Vietnam 13
Asian Men’s Under-18 2018  Japan Tabriz, Iran 17
Asian Women's Under-17 2018  Japan Nakhon Pathom, Thailand 12


Edition Champion National Title Location Number of Entrants
Men's Club 2018 Khatam Ardakan Iran Iranian Super League Naypyidaw, Myanmar 13
Women's Club 2018 Supreme Chonburi-E.Tech Thailand Thailand League Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan 9

Beach volleyball[edit]


Edition Champion Location Number of Entrants
Men's Championship 2017  Rahman Raoufi
and Bahman Salemi (IRI)
Songkhla, Thailand 32
Women's Championship 2017  Louise Bawden
and Taliqua Clancy (AUS)
Songkhla, Thailand 28
Men's Continental Cup 2016  Qatar Cairns, Australia 31
Women's Continental Cup 2016  Australia Cairns, Australia 23
Men's Asian Beach Games 2016  Jefferson Pereira
and Cherif Younousse (QAT)
Da Nang, Vietnam 32
Women's Asian Beach Games 2016  Varapatsorn Radarong
and Tanarattha Udomchavee (THA)
Da Nang, Vietnam 21

Beach volleyball[edit]

Competitions Champion Title Next edition
Nations Men
Asian Championship  Isaac KapaChris McHugh (AUS) 3rd 2017
Asian Continental Cup  Qatar 1st TBA
Asian Games  Alexey SidorenkoAlexandr Dyachenko (KAZ) 1st 2018
Asian Beach Games  Jefferson PereiraCherif Younousse (QAT) 1st 2020
Asian U-21 Championship  Paul BurnettMarcus Ferguson (AUS) 1st TBA
Asian U-19 Championship  Konsiphong Vaikuntha-AnuchitKeattisak Naksompoi (THA) 1st TBA
Nations Women
Asian Championship  Xue ChenXia Xinyi (CHN) 1st 2017
Asian Continental Cup  Australia 1st TBA
Asian Games  Ma YuanyuanXia Xinyi (CHN) 1st 2018
Asian Beach Games  Varapatsorn RadarongTanarattha Udomchavee (THA) 1st 2020
Asian U-21 Championship  Pawarun ChanthawichaiThatsarida Singchuea (THA) 1st TBA
Asian U-19 Championship  Napwan Khongchaloem Sirinuch Kawfong (THA) 1st TBA


AVC Executive Committee[edit]

  • Saleh A. Bin Nasser
Vice Presidents
  • Essa Hamza – First Vice President
  • Rita Subowo – Second Vice President
  • M.R. Davarzani – Central Asia Zone Vice President
  • Cai Yi – East Asia Zone Vice President
  • Craig Carracher – Oceania Zone Vice President
  • Shanrit Wongprasert – South East Asia Zone Vice President
  • Mr. Ibrahim A. Malik Mohammed – West Zone Vice President
  • Fong S.V. Alice Oliver – E/C Member
  • Khalid Ali Al-Mawlawi
  • Jehad Hasan Khlafan
  • Yermek Syrlybayev
  • Mohamed Riyaz
  • Eom Han-Joo
  • Kenji Kimura
  • Wang Kuei-Shiang
  • Le Tri Truong
  • Jose A. Romasanta
  • Hugh Graham
  • Terry Sasser
  • Waleed A.Aman


Sponsors of the Asian Volleyball Confederation

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