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Volocopter GmbH
Privately held company
FounderAlexander Zosel and Stephan Wolf
Key people
CEO: Florian Reuter, Chairman: Lukasz Gadowski
ProductsElectric helicopters

Volocopter GmbH (formerly called E-Volo GmbH) is a German aircraft manufacturer based in Bruchsal (previously based in Karlsruhe) and founded by Alexander Zosel and Stephan Wolf. The company specializes in the design of electric multirotor helicopters in the form of personal air vehicles, designed for air taxi use.[1][2]

The CEO is Florian Reuter and chairman Lukasz Gadowski.[2]


The company flew the Volocopter VC1 and Volocopter VC2 technology demonstrators, followed by the two-seat Volocopter VC200 prototype. The VC1 was first flown on 21 October 2011.[1][2]

Volocopter VC1

The two-seat project that became the Volocopter 2X started in 2013, evolved from early single-seat Volocopter VC2 prototype flown in 2011. The two seat prototype was designated as the VC-200 and the derived production model the 2X.[3][4]

An on-line fundraising effort in 2013 on the Seedmatch website raised 500,000 in 2 hours and 35 minutes, setting a new European Union record. The money was used to build the VC200 prototype.[5]

The company received investments from a number of organizations including from Daimler AG, totalling 25M in 2017, to start 2X production. The aircraft entered serial production in April 2018 and will be built under contract by the German sailplane manufacturer DG Flugzeugbau.[6][7]

On 9 September 2019, Geely, which is also the parent company of Volvo Cars, Terrafugia and Lotus Cars, led a round of funding that raised $55 million in private investments for Volocopter.[8]


Summary of aircraft built by Volocopter:

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