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Meaning"ruler of the world", "ruler of peace" / "famous power", "bright and famous"
Region of originUkraine
Other names
Related namesVladimir, Włodzimierz, Waldek, Waldemar, Woldemar, Voldemārs, Voldemar, Uladzimir, Valdimar, Vladimiros
See alsoRobert (name with the same meaning)

Volodymyr (Ukrainian: Володи́мир, romanizedVolodýmyr, pronounced [woloˈdɪmɪr], Old East Slavic: Володимѣръ, romanized: Volodiměrŭ) is a Ukrainian given name of Old East Slavic origin. The related Ancient Slavic, such as Czech, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, etc. form of the name is Володимѣръ Volodiměr, which in other Slavic languages became Vladimir (from Church Slavonic: Владимѣръ, romanized: Vladiměr).

Diminutives include Volodyk, Volodia, Lodgo and Vlodko.

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