Vologases VI

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Coin of Vologases VI.

Vologases VI of Parthia (Parthian: Walagash, Persian: بلاش‎, Balāsh) succeeded his father Vologases V of Parthia (191–208) to the throne of the Parthian Empire in 208.


When Vologases VI ascended the Parthian throne, his brother Artabanus V (216–224), who claimed the throne for himself, rebelled against him, and managed to conquer Media. Vologases apparently soon lost control over the largest part of the Empire, and only managed to retain Babylonia.

Meanwhile, Ardashir I (224–241), the founder of the Sasanian Empire, had defeated and killed Artabanus V in 224 and conquered the eastern provinces of Parthia. Over the next few years, Ardashir I further expanded his new empire, and must have driven out or defeated Vologases VI soon after 228. Vologases VI had a son named Vachagan I, who during an unknown date was the ruler of Caucasian Albania.


Vologases VI
Preceded by
Vologases V
Great King (Shah) of Parthia
Succeeded by
Ardashir I