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Volosko streets
"Mandrač" in Volosko

Volosko (Italian: Volosco, Volosca) is a part of the city of Opatija, located in the Kvarner Gulf in western Croatia. It is located in the north of Opatija, on the road towards Kastav and Rijeka. The toponym Volosko drives from the name of the Slavic deity Veles.


Old Postcard of Volosko, Opatia

Until 1918, the town (named VOLOSCA) was part of the Austrian monarchy (Austria side after the compromise of 1867), head of the district of the same name, one of the 11 Bezirkshauptmannschaften in the Austrian Littoral province.[1]


Film location[edit]

Several scenes of "The Legacy Run" [2] have been shot in Volosko. The movie, in good part shot in the Opatja-Rijeka region, is the conceptual prequel of the international Tv Series "Sport Crime". [3]


A panorama of Volosko from the Preluka Bay

Volosko is situated on the west side of Preluka Bay, which is known for good windsurfing and sailing conditions. Daily thermal winds, locally known as Tramuntana, blow regularly from the north each morning, peaking just after sunrise and ending a few hours later.

Under prolonged high pressure systems, weather conditions may become stable, creating persistent winds strong enough to ensure adequate windsurfing (planing conditions) for hours each morning, making the Volosko and Preluk areas one of the most consistent windsurfing spots on the Adriatic coast.

Launch spots are at the beach near the Preluk auto camp and within the Volosko harbor itself. Each season, the local windsurfing club, DSNM Volosko, organizes one or more windsurfing races, open to both professional and amateur windsurfers.

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