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A 3-axis high speed roughing toolpath shown in VoluMill Universal
A 3-axis high speed roughing toolpath shown in VoluMill Universal
Operating systemWindows
TypeCAM High Speed Machining / Ultra High Performance Toolpath
WebsiteVoluMill website

VoluMill is Computer Aided Manufacturing software developed by Celeritive Technologies that produces an ultra high performance toolpath designed for High Speed Machining applications. These applications include all 2-axis and 3-axis rough milling tasks, from simple prismatic parts to complex freeform molds. VoluMill is offered as a standalone version called VoluMill Universal, which is designed to work with any CAM system, and also as integrated versions that run inside hyperMILL, GibbsCAM,[1] BobCAD-CAM, SigmaNEST, Mastercam, and NX (Unigraphics).

VoluMill was created to address the four problem areas of traditional toolpaths:[2]

  • The initial full cut into the material
  • Stepping over between cuts
  • Feeding into new areas of the part
  • Overloading in corners

In addition, VoluMill makes dynamic adjustments to the axial depth of cut and/or the feed rate so as to never exceed a pre-set rate of material removal. As a result, VoluMill can be safely used at feeds and speeds many times greater than what is recommended by cutter manufacturers.[3] In addition to achieving much higher material removal rates than typical machining, VoluMill has also been shown to double, treble, or even quadruple Milling cutter life when used correctly.[4]

In contrast with other types of High Speed Machining toolpaths, VoluMill toolpaths are typically run at axial depths of cut up to the full flute length of the Milling cutter. But they are also effective in high speed shallow-axial, deep-radial cutting; a stepover between passes of up to 100% of the flat of the tool can be safely used without leaving any uncut material.

VoluMill is not trochoidal milling, and it does not control the cutting tool engagement angle.[5] Instead, it designs its path so that these techniques, which can dramatically increase the overall path length, are not necessary in the first place.[6]

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