Volume Dois

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Volume Dois
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Studio album by Titãs
Released 9 October 1998[1]
Recorded 1998
Genre Alternative rock, pop rock, new wave, symphonic rock, acoustic rock, MPB
Length 54:06
Label Warner Music Group
Producer Liminha
Titãs chronology
Volume Dois
As Dez Mais
Singles from Volume Dois
  1. "É Preciso Saber Viver"
    Released: 1998
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[2]

Volume Dois (Volume Two) is the ninth studio album released by the Brazilian rock band Titãs. Following the success of the last album, Acústico MTV, Volume Dois features unplugged arrangements of previously recorded Titãs' songs, along with some new ones.[3] Once again, an orchestra was called to record the album. It is one of their most successful albums, having sold more than 1 million copies to date as of 2015.[4]

Background and production[edit]

By the time of the album release, members Tony Bellotto (acoustic and electric guitarist) and Paulo Miklos (vocalist and saxophonist) commented that the band did not want to give in to electronic sounds: "We are a stage band, we like to play. It doesn't make sense, in a numerous band, to wait for the computer sequence before coming in with the guitars. This happened around the times of Õ Blésq Blom (...) Acoustic is the valuing of melodies, the electronic 'thing' more disturbed us than helped us".[5]

The hit "Sonífera Ilha" was chosen as the opening track for being "emblematic. Cheesy, trying to be pop, inventive", according to Bellotto.[5]

Release and marketing[edit]

the album was introduced to the press in a press conference hosted at restaurant Terraço Itália, atop Edifício Itália.[5] A promotional tour succeeded, with its shows divided into three parts: one electroacoustic, one acoustic and one more rock-oriented, containing old hits not used in the album.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
1. "Sonífera Ilha" (Sleepy Island) Branco Mello, Marcelo Fromer, Tony Bellotto, Carlos Barmack and Ciro Pessoa Paulo Miklos 2:50
2. "Lugar Nenhum" (Nowhere) Arnaldo Antunes, Charles Gavin, Fromer, Sérgio Britto and Bellotto Mello 3:15
3. "Sua Impossível Chance" (Your Impossible Chance) Nando Reis Reis 4:06
4. "Desordem" (Disorder) Britto, Fromer and Gavin Britto 3:32
5. "Não Vou Me Adaptar" (I Won't Adapt) Antunes Reis 3:41
6. "Domingo" (Sunday)   Miklos 3:27
7. "Amanhã Não Se Sabe" (Tomorrow it's not known) Britto Britto 3:08
8. "Caras Como Eu" (Guys Like Me) Bellotto Mello 3:02
9. "Senhora e Senhor" (Miss and Mister) Antunes, Miklos and Fromer Miklos 3:23
10. "Era Uma Vez" (Once Upon a Time) Fromer, Bellotto, Mello, Britto, Antunes Mello 3:44
11. "Miséria" (Misery) Antunes, Britto and Miklos Miklos and Britto 4:21
12. "Insensível" (Insensitive) Britto Britto 3:26
13. "Eu E Ela" (Me and Her) Reis Miklos 4:35
14. "Toda Cor" (Every Color) Fromer, Pessoa and Barmack Mello 3:28
15. "É Preciso Saber Viver" (It's Necessary to Know How to Live) Roberto Carlos and Erasmo Carlos Miklos 4:08
16. "Senhor Delegado/Eu Não Aguento" (Mister Delegate/I Can't Stand It) Antoninho Lopes, Jaú, Sérgio Boneka, Clover Over and Trambolhinho Britto 2:36



Guest musicians[edit]


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