Volume Two (EP)

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Volume Two
Sleep Volume Two Front Cover.jpg
EP by Sleep
Released 1992
Recorded September 1991
Genre Doom metal
Length 13:22
Label Off the Disk Records
Producer Sleep and Billy Anderson
Sleep chronology
Volume One
Volume Two
Sleep's Holy Mountain

Volume Two is an EP recorded by Sleep in 1991. It contains a cover of Black Sabbath's "Lord of This World", and two early recordings of tracks that would appear on Sleep's Holy Mountain. The packaging claims that the cover of Lord Of This World was performed live at the Radio City Music Hall in 1979, when the members of Sleep were around seven years old.[1] The artwork for the EP is a modified version of Black Sabbath Vol. 4's cover art & Black Sabbath are specifically thanked in the liner notes.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Lord of This World (live)" - 6:37
  2. "The Druid (early version)" - 4:46
  3. "Nain's Baptism (early version)" - 1:59