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Manual or mechanical volumetric mobile mixer
Electrical or automated volumetric mobile mixer
A volumetric concrete mixer

A volumetric concrete mixer (also known as volumetric mobile mixer) is a mixer mounted on a truck or trailer that contains separate compartments for sand, stone, cement and water. Materials are mixed on a job site to produce the exact amount of concrete needed.[1]


The history of volumetric mixing comes from several directions;

  • The mobile mixer was patented in 1964 by Harold Zimmerman, in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, USA.[2] Because of the patents, there was only one equipment manufacturer until the 1980s.
  • Equipment manufacturers created an association, Volumetric Mixer Manufacturers Bureau (VMMB), in 1999, with six charter members including Zimmerman Ind, Inc., ProAll Reimer, Bay-Lynx, Custom-Crete, Elkin and Cementech.[3]

Modified models[edit]

The volumetric mixer varies in capacity size up to 12 m3 and has a production rate around 60m3 an hour depending on the mix design. Many volumetric concrete mixer manufacturers have innovated the mixer in capacity and design, as well as added features including colour systems, admix systems, fibre systems and grout concrete.

Bodies are mainly manufactured from steel except for some aluminum builds. The Ultralite Mixer from Bay-Lynx was the first to use the aluminum body. An aluminum bodied mixer helps meet weight regulations while making a more durable build as well.

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