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Former VSA shop near to Aberdeen, Great Britain taken in 2010.

Voluntary Service Aberdeen now VSA is a social care charity registered in Scotland.[1] In 2006 the charity changed its name to VSA. The charity now led by Dr. Kenneth Simpson, BA BSc MPA (Hon) DBA CMgr FCMI FIoD FRSA, provides a wide range of social care services for children, older people, adults with mental health problems and vulnerable families in Aberdeen and the surrounding area. VSA employs over 700 staff and has a turnover of over £15 million.[2] Formed in 1870, VSA is one of the oldest social care charities in Scotland. The charity is made up of the merger of seven local charities over the previous century.[3]

Social Care Services[edit]

VSA runs a number of projects that provide services across the UK.

Linn Moor school is a nationally renowned school for children with special needs, specialising in using the TEACCH methodology for caring for children with autism.[4]

Easter Anguston Farm provides vocational training for young adults with mild to moderate learning disabilities.[5]

Richmondhill House provides residential support to vulnerable families to develop parenting skills.[6] Richmondhill House was involved in delivering the Families First Initiative to support families affected by problematic drug use.[7]


VSA was formed on 10 March 1870 as Aberdeen Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor.[8] In 1899 the charity moved its offices to 38 Castle Street, Aberdeen where it remains today.

The charity changed its name to Aberdeen Association of Social Service in 1947, and this remains its legal title. The charity traded as Voluntary Service Aberdeen from 1979 until 2006 when the title VSA was adopted. During its history the charity has been involved in the formation of several other organisations, including Aberdeen Citizens Advice Bureau, Aberdeen Children's Welfare Council, the Charities Aid Scheme, Easter Anguston Farm Training Scheme, Aberdeen Volunteer Bureau, and the Aberdeen Carers Centre.


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