Volvo B12M

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Volvo B12M
NC06 NBC stands at Edinburgh bus station, 30 March 2013.JPG
A Van Hool-bodied B12M of New Bharat Coaches stands at Edinburgh bus station
Manufacturer Volvo Buses
Body and chassis
Doors 1-4
Floor type High
Engine Volvo DH12 12-litre Diesel
Power output 310-460BHP
Transmission ZF 5/6HP602C
Voith automatic

The Volvo B12M is an underfloor-engined bus/coach chassis introduced by Volvo Buses in 2001 as a replacement for the Volvo B10M. It is available with a variety of bodies such as the Van Hool T9 Alizee, Sunsundegui Sideral and Plaxton Panther/Paragon. Large British users of the B12M include Wallace Arnold, Park's Motor Group and Southern Vectis.

In Brazil, B12M replaced B10M in articulated/bi-articulated versions, not being built in padron version like its predecessors B58E and B10M, and is produced since 2004. Also, in Curitiba, there are bi-articulated Volvo B12M buses in a 28-meter configuration, making them the world's longest buses. Since 2012, B12M was renamed as B340M. Both articulated and bi-articulated versions produces 340hp and chassis were updated to Proconve P7/Euro V rules.

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