Vomeronasal cartilage

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Vomeronasal cartilage
Frontal section of nasal cavities of a human embryo 28 mm long. (Vomeronasal cartilage labeled at bottom left.)
Latin cartilago vomeronasalis
TA A06.1.01.016
FMA 59514
Anatomical terminology

The vomeronasal cartilage (or Jacobson's cartilage) is a narrow strip of cartilage, low on the medial wall of the nasal cavity. It lies between the cartilaginous nasal septum and the vomer. The cartilage lies below, but is not connected to, the rudimentary vomeronasal organ of Jacobson.

Ludwig Lewin Jacobson (1783–1843), a Danish anatomist, named this structure in 1809.

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