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Von Roll Holding AG
Limited Corporation
Founded 1803
Headquarters Gerlafingen, Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland
Key people
Thomas P. Limberger
(CEO) and (Vice President)
Markus Scherbel
Number of employees
2086 (31.12.2007)

Von Roll Holding AG is a Swiss industrial group that operates worldwide, specializing in energy production.


Von Roll has its roots in the Eisenwerke der Handelsgesellschaft der Gebrüder Dürholz & Co. (Ironworks of the commercial firm of the Brothers Durholz & Co.) which was established in 1803. This firm was then taken over in 1810 by Von Roll & Cie, newly formed by Ludwig Freiherr von Roll (1771–1839) and Jakob von Glutz. In May 1823, Ludwig von Roll founded the Gesellschaft der Ludwig von Roll'schen Eisenwerke which benefited from industrialization and railroad construction that demanded much iron.[1]

Following this, the business developed into one of the most important industrial groups in Switzerland and reached its high point in the 1970s with more than 10,000 employees. But, like other Swiss companies, Von Roll suffered during the oil crisis of 1973 and the economic crisis it triggered. The company underwent financial restructuring after financial restructuring, seemingly without end. As recently as 2003, Von Roll had to fight for its survival. At the end of 2002, following the accumulated losses of previous years, Von Roll’s equity capital had shrunk to 10.3 million. But in 2004 the company initiated a new strategy to focus on the insulation business, beginning its turnaround.

Business divisions/company structure[edit]

Von Roll Holding AG is a Swiss industrial company that is active worldwide and today focuses on products and systems for power generation, transmission and distribution. The company’s operating activities are split into the segments Von Roll Insulation, Von Roll Composites and Von Roll Transformers. The company has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 1987, under the symbol ROL. Historically, Von Roll was principally known for its ironworks and foundries. Von Roll Holding AG is represented by approximately 3,100 employees at 30 locations in 19 countries, and achieved sales of CHF 710 million in 2008.

Von Roll is a global market leader in the areas of insulation products and systems for the electrical machinery industry as well as in the production of composite materials and components for industrial applications. In addition, Von Roll provides thermal and fire-resistant insulation products, which are used in cable manufacturing and in the electronics industry. Von Roll therefore covers the entire value creation chain, from engineering and production to application.

The operating activities of Von Roll Holding AG are split into three segments: Von Roll Insulation (formerly Electrical), Von Roll Composites (formerly Industrial) and Von Roll Elco Transformers, which was created in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Von Roll Insulation produces and markets electrical insulation materials for large-scale generators, high-voltage rotating machines, wind turbines, traction and machine motors for low-voltage rotating machines, and transformers. Products in this segment include enamelled wires and coils, resins and varnishes, mica tapes, and rigid and flexible laminates. Von Roll supplies both individual products and complete insulation systems.

Von Roll Composites provides products and services that focus on the mechanical, thermal and chemical properties of insulating materials. The segment is divided into the product lines composite materials, moulded parts and cables (mainly fire-resistant).

The latest segment Von Roll Transformers creates and supplies solutions for power transmission and distribution. This includes the installation, maintenance and repair of high-voltage transformers (up to 850 MVA) in particular, and of mid-size and small transformers. The product range also includes distribution transformers, mobile substations for temporary use (for example in disaster situations) and special transformers developed for the specific requirements of the electrochemical industry for instance. Furthermore, Von Roll offers various services in the areas of consulting and testing. These include consulting on the special design of workplaces, the optimisation of manufacturing processes, the reorganisation of production flows, the layout of plants, turnkey projects, the reengineering of electrical insulation systems, the introduction of complete electrical insulation systems, and the training of operators and engineers.

Von Roll has laboratories where it tests systems and materials in the field of electrical insulating materials and electrical insulation systems. The high-voltage laboratory in Breitenbach, Switzerland, is specialised in the mechanical and electrical testing of high-voltage materials and systems. The UL laboratory in Schenectady, USA, focuses on all types of UL testing for low and medium voltages, mostly UL 1446 testing.

Von Roll Seilbahnen AG[edit]

Von Roll Seilbahnen AG was the aerial tramway and cableway division that was sold to Austrian manufacturer Doppelmayr in 1996.


Perhaps Von Roll's best-known product was the type 101 sky ride that operated in many amusement parks. A total of over 100 were installed; as of 2008 only ten remained operational. On December 30, 1954, Felseneggbahn was opened. It was built by Von Roll in seven months for one million Swiss francs. It still runs, and on March 31, 2010, it carried its 10 millionth passenger.[2] The Disneyland Skyway was Von Roll's first aerial ropeway in the United States. It opened on June 23, 1956, and closed on November 9, 1994.

Operating Von Roll Type 101's[edit]

Ride Name Opened Park Name Location Notes
Aeronaut Skyride 1975 Busch Gardens Williamsburg Williamsburg, VA 3 stations, all one-way
Bayside Skyride 1967 SeaWorld San Diego San Diego, CA Round-trip ride
Delta Flyer / Eagle's Flight 1975 California's Great America Santa Clara, CA
Jennerbahn 1953 Berchtesgaden National Park Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany
Sky Buckets 1968 Six Flags Over Georgia Austell, GA
Skyfari 1969 San Diego Zoo San Diego, CA
Skyride 1974 Busch Gardens Tampa Tampa, FL
Skyride 1962 Cedar Point Sandusky, OH Uses former Frontier Lift cabins
Skyride 1964 Minnesota State Fair Falcon Heights, MN
Skyride 1962 Superland Rishon Lezion, Israel
Skyride 1965 Tulsa State Fairgrounds Tulsa, OK
Skyride 1980 Washington State Fair Puyallup, WA Originally built for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair
Skyway 1974 Six Flags Great Adventure Jackson Township, NJ Originally built for the 1964 World's Fair in Queens
Teleférico Parque Nacional del Café Quindío, Columbia Combination ride of Bronx Zoo and Knoxille World's Fair rides
Unknown 1959 Lake Louise Lake Louise, AB Last reported Not Operating
Unknown 1974 Taman Safari Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
Krupka-Komáří hůrka 1952 Unknown Czech Republic

Former Von Roll Type 101's[edit]

Ride Name Opened Closed Park Name Location Notes
Alpine Swiss Skyride 1963 1994 Aquarena Springs San Marcos, TX Closed in 1994, removed in 2013
Astrolift 1967 1981 Six Flags Over Georgia Austell, GA
Astrolift 1961 1981 Six Flags Over Texas Arlington, TX Removed over safety concerns
Astroway 1967 2005 Six Flags AstroWorld Houston, TX
Brussels World's Fair Skyride 1960 1976 Lakeland Memphis, TN
Delta Flyer / Eagle's Flight 1976 1984 Six Flags Great America Gurnee, IL
Frontier Lift 1968 1985 Cedar Point Sandusky, OH Cabins used on Skyride, removed for Iron Dragon
Gondola Skyride 1982 ???? World's Fair 1982 Knoxville, TN Relocated to Parque Nacional del Café
New England Sky Way 1973 2014 Six Flags New England Agawam, MA Built in 1963 at Coney Island (Brooklyn, NY) -- Removed to build Wicked Cyclone
Ocean Skyway 1958 1967 Pacific Ocean Park Santa Monica, CA Relocated to Legend City (Phoenix, AZ)
Ore Buckets 1960 1994 Freedomland USA Bronx, NY Towers are used at Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ
Satellite 1968 1983 Legend City Phoeniz, AZ
Skyfari 1972 2009 Bronx Zoo Bronx, NY Relocated to Parque Nacional del Café
Skyride 1964 1999 Brackenridge Park San Antonio, TX Closed in 1999, removed in 2002 due to maintenance costs
Skyride 1965 1971 Coney Island Cincinnati, OH Relocated to Kings Island
Skyride 1968 ???? Hemisphere '68 San Antonio, TX Continued operation after fair closure, unknown removal date
Skyride 1972 1979 Kings Island Kings Mill, OH Relocated from Coney Island (Cincinnati, OH)
Skyride 1967 2004 La Ronde Montreal, QC Built for 1967 World's Fair, stations still exist
Skyride 1972 1997 Opryland Nashville, TN
Skyride 1966 1975 Pirates World Dania, FL
Skyway 1956 1994 Disneyland Anaheim, CA Removed due to stress cracks in Matterhorn battery
Skyway 1971 1999 Magic Kingdom Lake Buena Vista, FL
Skyway 1983 1998 Tokyo Disneyland Urayasu, Chiba, Japan
Sky-Way 1971 1981 Six Flags St. Louis Eureka, MO Removed after accident on July 26, 1978. 3 killed and 1 seriously injured after a car fell from the ride.
Southern Cross 1977 1983 Six Flags Great America Gurnee, IL
Space Ride 1963 1967 Riverview Park Chicago, IL
Swiss Skyride 1964 1979 Fair Park/State Fair of Texas Dallas, TX Removed after accident, 1 killed
Union 76 Skyride 1962 1980 Century 21 Exposition Seattle, WA Ran at Seattle Center, relocated to Washington State Fair

VonRoll type 101s ever built[edit]

  1. Flims, GR, CH Flims-Foppa 16.12.1945 SB 2
  2. Gstaad, BE, CH Gstaad-Werdenvorsaas 02.02.1946 SB 2
  3. Gstaad, BE, CH Werdenvorsaas-Wasserngrat 06.04.1946 SB 2
  4. Beatenberg, BE, CH Beatenberg-Vorsaas 14.08.1946 SB 2
  5. Beatenberg, BE, CH Vorsaas-Niederhorn 15.09.1946 SB 2
  6. Grindelwald, BE, CH Grindelwald-Oberhaus 28.12.1946 SB 2
  7. Grindelwald, BE, CH Oberhaus-Bort 28.12.1946 SB 2
  8. Flims, GR, CH Foppa-Naraus 08.02.1947 SB 2
  9. Grindelwald, BE, CH Bort-Egg 08.02.1947 SB 2
  10. Grindelwald, BE, CH Egg-First 08.02.1947 SB 2
  11. Zermatt, VS, CH Zermatt-Sunnegga 24.12.1947 SB 2
  12. Braunwald, GL, CH Braunwald-Kleiner Gumen 01.01.1948 SB 2
  13. Kandersteg, BE, CH Kandersteg-Oeschinen 07.02.1948 SB 2
  14. Lenk, BE, CH Lenk-Stoss 23.12.1948 SB 2
  15. Snezka, Krkonoše, Czech republic, former Czechoslovakia 1st section 1948 SB 2
  16. Snezka, Krkonoše, Czech republic, former Czechoslovakia 2nd section 1949 SB 2
  17. Thun, BE, CH KABA 1949 1949 SB 2 Ausstellung
  18. Wildhaus, SG, CH Wildhaus-Oberdorf 23.12.1949 SB 2
  19. Jasná, Low Tatras, Slovakia, former Czechoslovakia Kosodrevina-Chopok (North) 1949 SB 2
  20. Jasná, Low Tatras, Slovakia, former Czechoslovakia Chopok 1st Section (South) 1949 SB 2
  21. Jasná, Low Tatras, Slovakia, former Czechoslovakia Luková-Chopok (South) 1949 SB 2
  22. Chleb, Low Tatras, Slovakia, former Czechoslovakia Terchová 1949 SB 2
  23. Oberstdorf, Bayern, D Söllereck 1950 SB 2
  24. Oberdorf, SO, CH Oberdorf-Nesselboden 29.12.1950 SB 2
  25. Oberdorf, SO, CH Nesselboden-Weissenstein 29.12.1950 SB 2
  26. Adelboden, BE, CH Adelboden-Tschentenalp 30.12.1950 SB 2
  27. Stuttgart, DE Höhenpark Killesberg, Gartenschau 1950 1950 SB 2
  28. Milano, IT Triennale 1951 1951 SB 2 Ausstellung
  29. Miglieglia, TI, CH Miglieglia-Monte Lema 06.04.1952 SB 2
  30. Neapel, IT Base del Cono-Vesuvio 1952 SB 2
  31. Valdeblore, Alpes Maritimes, F La Colmiane 1952 SB 2
  32. Teplice, Erz-Gebirge, Tschechien, ehem. CSFR Komári Hurka 1952 SB 2
  33. Borgosesia, Piemont, I Scopello-Mera 1953 SB 2
  34. Berchtesgaden, DE Königsee-Jennerwiesen 1953 SB 2
  35. Berchtesgaden, DE Jennerwiesen-Jenner 1953 SB 2
  36. München, DE Verkehrsausstellung 1953 1953 SB Ausstellung
  37. Bern, BE, CH HOSPES 1954 1954 SB Ausstellung
  38. Luzern, LU, CH Schw. Landwirtschaftsausstellung 1954 SB Ausstellung
  39. Kassel, DE Bundesgartenschau 1955 1955 GB Ausstellung
  40. Rotterdam, NL Kabelbaan Rotterdam 1955 GB 2 Ausstellung
  41. Namur, BE Namur-Citadelle 1956 GB 2
  42. Anaheim, California, USA Disneyland 1956 GB 4
  43. Lenk, BE, CH Stoss-Betelberg 12.09.1957 SB 2
  44. Norden, California, USA Sugar Bowl 1957 GB 4
  45. Berlin, DE Interbau 1958 1958 GB Ausstellung
  46. Bruxelles, BE Exposition Mondiale 1958 1. Sektion 1958 GB Ausstellung
  47. Bruxelles, BE Exposition Mondiale 1958 2. Sektion 1958 GB Ausstellung
  48. Bruxelles, BE Exposition Mondiale 1958 3. Sektion 1958 GB Ausstellung
  49. Santa Monica, California, USA Pacific Ocean Park 1958 GB 2
  50. Zürich, CH SAFFA 1958 1958 GB Ausstellung
  51. Lake Louise, Alberta, CDN Whitehorn 1959 GB 2
  52. Rotterdam, NL Int. Tuinbouwtentoostellung 1960 GB Ausstellung
  53. New York, USA Freedomland 1 1960 GB 2 Ausstellung
  54. New York, USA Freedomland 2 1960 GB 2 Ausstellung
  55. Memphis, Tenn., USA Lakeland 1960 GB 4
  56. Blackpool, GB Blackpool Pleasure Beach 1960 GB 2
  57. Bern, BE, CH HYSPA 1961 1961 GB Ausstellung
  58. Arlington, Texas, USA Six Flags Over Texas 1961 GB 4
  59. Panama City, Florida, USA Magic World 1961 GB 2
  60. Milano, I Triennale 1962 1962 GB Ausstellung
  61. Seattle, Washington, USA World's Fair 1962 1962 GB Ausstellung
  62. Sandusky, Ohio, USA Cedar Point Nr. 1 1962 GB 2
  63. Knoxville, Tenn., USA Cherokee Wonderland 1962 GB 2
  64. Century 21, Seattle, USA Century 21 1962 GB 2-3 oval
  65. Tel Aviv Superland 1962 GB 4 offen
  66. Braunlage, Harz, D Wurmberg 2. Sektion 1962 GB 2
  67. Saas-Fee, VS, CH Saas-Fee – Plattjen 12.04.1963 GB 2
  68. Hamburg, DE Int. Gartenbauausstellung 1963 GB Ausstellung
  69. Brooklyn, New York, N.Y., USA Coney Island, Astroland Park 1963 GB 2-3 kugelförmig
  70. San Marcos, Texas, USA Aquarena Springs 1963 GB 2-3 kugelförmig
  71. Phoenix, Arizona, USA Legend City 1963 GB 4
  72. Bursa, Turkey Uludağ aerial tramway open on 29.10.1963
  73. Chicago, Illinois, USA Riverview Park 1963 GB 4
  74. Lausanne, VD, CH EXPO 1964 1964 GB 4 (2) Ausstellung
  75. Palisades, New Jersey, USA Palisades Amusement Park 1964 GB 4
  76. St. Paul, Minnesota, USA Minnesota State Fair 1964 GB 2
  77. New York, N.Y., USA World's Fair 1964 1 1964 GB Ausstellung
  78. New York, N.Y., USA World's Fair 1964 2 1964 GB Ausstellung
  79. Dallas, Texas, USA Texas State Fair 1964 GB 4
  80. San Antonio, Texas, USA Brackenridge 1964 GB 4
  81. Bursa, TR Sarialan 1964 GB 2
  82. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA Coney Island 1965 GB 2-3 oval, offen; moved to Kings Island in 1971 (re-opened 1972)
  83. Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA Bell's Amusement Park 1965 GB 4
  84. Atlanta, Georgia, USA Six Flags over Georgia 1967 GB 4
  85. San Diego, Kalifornien, USA Seaworld 1967 GB 4
  86. Barry Island Camp, GB Barry Island 1967 GB 2
  87. Braunlage, Harz, D Wurmberg 1. Sektion 1967 GB 2
  88. San Antonio, Texas, USA Hemisfair 1967 GB 4
  89. Houston, Texas, USA Astroworld 1967 GB 4
  90. Sierra Nevada, Granada, E Prado Llano-Borreguiles 1968 GB 4
  91. North Creek, N.Y., USA Gore Mountain 1. Sektion 1968 GB 4
  92. North Creek, N.Y., USA Gore Mountain 2. Sektion 1968 GB 4
  93. Pirates World, Dania, Florida, USA Pirates World 1968 GB 4
  94. Sandusky, Ohio, USA Cedar Point Nr. 2 1969 GB 4
  95. San Diego, Kalifornien, USA San Diego Zoo 1969 GB 4
  96. St. Louis, Missouri, USA Six Flags Over Mid-America 1970 GB 4
  97. Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA Disney World 1971 GB 4
  98. Barcelona, E Castello de Montjuich 1971 GB 4
  99. Nashville, Tennessee, USA Opryland 1972 GB 4
  100. Bedford, GB Woburn Abbey 1972 GB 4
  101. New York, N.Y., USA Bronx Zoo 1972 GB 4
  102. Tampa, Florida, USA Busch-Gardens 1974 GB 4
  103. Agawam, Massachusetts Riverside Park 1974 GB 4 offen
  104. Jakarta, RI Gondola-Lift 1974 GB 4
  105. Williamsburg, Virginia, USA Busch Gardens 1975 GB 4
  106. Santa Clara, USA Marriott-Park 1975 GB 4 offen
  107. Chicago, Illinois, USA Marriott-Park Nr. 1 1975 GB 4 offen
  108. Chicago, Illionois, USA Marriott-Park Nr. 2 1977 GB 4 offen


The Mk II and Mk III monorail automated people mover (APM) systems were installed in a variety of locations before the technology was sold to Adtranz (later Bombardier), which continues to supply the parts for the monorail systems.

The monorail cars at Alton Towers theme park in England were built for Expo 86 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Von Roll also manufactured the old Sentosa Monorail in Sentosa Island, Singapore in 1982, which closed down in March 2005.

The Jurong Bird Park Panorail in Jurong Bird Park, Singapore is a four-car straddle-beam monorail that began operation in 1991 and ceased operations in 2012.

Australia has had a total of four Von Roll Monorail systems, currently two are still in operation. A Von Roll MkII system is in operation at Sea World theme park on the Gold Coast (first monorail in Australia which opened in 1986), whilst a MkIII Monorail system operates in nearby Broadbeach linking a shopping centre to a casino (opened 1989). Another MkIII Monorail system, the Metro Monorail, operated in Sydney, Australia linking the City Centre to Darling Harbour, however monorail services ceased on 30 June 2013[3] (it began operation on 21 July 1988).[4] A MkII Monorail system was also in operation during World Expo 88 held in Brisbane, Australia, with a loop around the expo site at Southbank. There is no trace of the monorail system at the site.

Space Spiral At Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio[edit]

The Space Spiral ride was a 330 foot Gyro tower built in 1965. It had a rotating cabin taking you 285 feet in the air that would provide views of the amusement park, Lake Erie and the surrounding area. This ride was demolished on September 12, 2012 to make way for a future ride,the GateKeeper. During its 47 year tenure the Space Spiral gave nearly 34 million rides.

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