Von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurück

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Von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurück
Album Von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurück cover.jpeg
Studio album by Bushido
Released September 4, 2006
Recorded Highlight Productions / Kingsize
Genre German hip hop
Length 74:55
Label ersguterjunge/Universal
Producer Bushido & Kingsize
Bushido chronology
Staatsfeind Nr. 1
Von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurück
Premium Edition cover
Bushido VDSZBZ.jpg
Singles from Von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurück
  1. "Von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurück"
    Released: August 18, 2006
  2. "Sonnenbank Flavour"
    Released: October 27, 2006
  3. "Janine"
    Released: February 9, 2007
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]
laut.de 4/5 stars[2]

Von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurück (German: "From The Skyline Back To The Curb") is the fourth solo album by Bushido. The title alludes to his first solo album Vom Bordstein bis zur Skyline (2003). It was released as a Standard Edition and a Platinum Edition.


The album contains no features and was entirely produced by Bushido himself, except for 2 tracks. It spawned three singles: "Von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurück", "Sonnenbank Flavour" and "Janine".

In an interview, Bushido said that it would be his last album, however he went on to release a new one in 2007. The album received platinum status in Germany for more than 200,000 sold units and gold in Austria for more than 10,000 sold units.

Legal issues[edit]

American gothic band Nox Arcana accused Bushido of sampling three songs off them, without permission.[3] The songs appear on their albums Darklore Manor (2003) and Necronomicon (2004).

French band Dark Sanctuary also sued the rapper for sampling eight of their tracks without consent.[4] On 23 March 2010 he was convicted by German courts to a condemnation and was obliged to stop the sales of the concerned albums, singles and samplers, including Von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurück. In addition to that, he was bound to recall and destroy all unsold copies.[5]

Track listing[edit]

  • Tracks 1 to 7, 9 to 23 are produced by Bushido. Tracks 8 and 9 are produced by Kingsize.[6]
No. Title Title translation Length
1. "Intro"   2:08
2. "Universal Soldier"   3:43
3. "Weißt du?" You know? 3:39
4. "Goldrapper"   3:54
5. "Sonnenbank Flavour" Sun bed flavour 3:40
6. "Kurt Cobain"   3:28
7. "Wenn ein Gangster weint" When a gangster cries 3:32
8. "Ich schlafe ein" I fall asleep 3:16
9. "Hast du was, bist du was" If you’ve got it, you are it[7] 4:08
10. "Alphatier" Alpha male 3:43
11. "Bloodsport"   4:01
12. "Sex in the City"   4:02
13. "Dealer vom Block" Dealer from the block 3:48
14. "Bravo Cover"   3:10
15. "Ich regele das" I fix that 3:44
16. "Kickboxer"   3:26
17. "Blaues Licht" Blue light 3:59
18. "Janine"   3:56
19. "Kein Fenster" No window 3:46
20. "Von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurück" From the skyline back to the curb 4:03
21. "Outro"   1:37
  • The Platinum edition contains two discs: The first disc features the actual track listing (without the Limited edition) and the second disc features songs from the album Vom Bordstein bis zur Skyline (2003), censored and some songs misses as the original album is indexed in Germany. Additional it features three remixes and the song "Es ist OK", from Nyze's album Geben & Nehmen (2007).[8]


A list of uncredit song samples are availed here.

  • "Intro"
  • "Universal Soldier"
  • "Weißt du?"
  • "Sonnenbank Flavour"
  • "Kurt Cobain"
    • "No Rest For The Wicked" by Nox Arcana
  • "Ich schlafe ein"
  • "Hast du was, bist du was
    • "Les Larmes Du Meprise" by Dark Sanctuary
  • "Bloodsport"
    • "Reve Mortuaire" by Dark Sanctuary
  • "Sex in the City"
    • "L'autre Monde" by Dark Sanctuary
  • "Dealer vom Block"
    • "L'Arrogance" by Dark Sanctuary
    • "Berlin" by Bushido
  • "Bravo Cover"
    • "Valley Of The Pain" by Dark Sanctuary
  • "Kickboxer"
  • "Blaues Licht"
    • "Cthulhu Rising" by Nox Arcana
    • Excerpt from Rambo III
  • "Janine"
    • "Les Mémoires Blessées" by Dark Sanctuary
  • "Kein Fenster"
    • "Loin Des Mortels" by Dark Sanctuary
  • Von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurück
  • "Wieder von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurück"


Credits for Von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurück adapted from Discogs:[14]

  • Artwork – Ben Baumgarten
  • Mastered by – Dirk Niemeier
  • Photography by – Kasskara
  • Recorded by, mixed by – Kingsize

Year-end charts[edit]

Year Country Chart Rank
2006 Germany IFPI #46[15]
2007 Germany IFPI #81[16]


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