Voodoo Castle

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Voodoo Castle
Voodoo Castle 1979.jpg
Box Cover
Developer(s)Adventure International
Publisher(s)Adventure International
Designer(s)Scott Adams
Alexis Adams
Platform(s)Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Commodore PET, TRS-80, VIC 20, TI 99/4a, Commodore 64, Macintosh, ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, Acorn Electron, Dragon 32/64
Genre(s)text adventure

Voodoo Castle is a text adventure program written by Scott Adams and his wife Alexis.


Graphical re-release

Published by Adventure International, this text-based adventure game is one of many from Scott Adams.

Gameplay involves moving from location to location, picking up any objects found there, and using them somewhere else to unlock puzzles. Commands take the form of verb and noun, e.g. "Climb Tree". Movement from location to location is limited to North, South, East, West, Up and Down.

The aim of the game is to wake up Count Cristo, who is lying in a coffin at the starting location in the game. In order to do so, the player needs to obtain certain items, which requires overcoming certain obstacles, such as an exploding test tubes and a doorway that's too small to pass through normally.

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