Voogie's Angel

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Voogie's Angel
(Dennō Sentai Voogie's Angel)
GenreAdventure, Comedy, Mecha
Audio drama
Music byHajime Hyakkoku
Original run1996 – present
Episodes24 [1]
Original video animation
Directed byMasami Ōbari (episodes 1 and 2)
Aoi Takeuchi (episode 3)
Written byAoi Takeuchi
Music byHajime Hyakkoku
Toru Yukawa
Released October 24, 1997 July 24, 1998
Runtime30 minutes
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Voogie's Angel (電脳戦隊ヴギィ`ズ・エンジェル, Dennō Sentai Voogie's Angel) is a three-episode Japanese original video animation series, based on a 1996 radio drama series of the same name created by Aoi Takeuchi. Character designs in the animation were redone by Masami Ōbari, based on the original designs created by Shinichi Miyamae for the radio series and its CD releases.

A hundred years after the Earth's surface is invaded by aliens (Space Emigrants, or SE) and humans have been forced to live in underwater cities, the last hope of saving the Earth lies in the hands of five cybernetically enhanced women. These women are trained to carry out attacks against the SE in hopes of reclaiming Earth for mankind.

An OVA directed by Hayato Date titled 電脳戦隊ヴギィ’ズ・エンジェル外伝 進め!スーパー・エンジェルス! was released on August 21, 1998.[2] Another OVA, titled 電脳戦隊ヴギィ’ズ・エンジェル -Forever and ever-, was released on January 25, 1999.[3]


Character Japanese English
Voogie Aya Hisakawa Amy Tipton
Rebecca Sweet Heisen [4] Kotono Mitsuishi Traci Dinwiddie
Shiori Tachibana [4] Kikuko Inoue Juliet Cesario
Merrybell Candy Stuart [4] Shiho Kikuchi Megan Hancock
Midi the Girl Sakura Tange Pamela Weidner
Dr. Crimt Takehito Koyasu Geoff Whitesell
Teddy the Boy Yumi Touma Natasha Malinsky
Ash Akira Ishida Michael Granberry


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