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Vorchan class
First appearance The Coming of Shadows
Affiliation Centauri Republic
General characteristics
Armaments 2 Twin plasma accelerators [1]
Mine launcher[2]
Missile launchers[3]
Defenses Tractor beams[2]
Propulsion Gravimetric drive [1]

The Vorchan-class medium warship is a class of Centauri warship in the fictional universe of Babylon 5.


The most recent warship designed by the Centauri Republic, the Vorchan is extremely fast and maneuverable, although it's not very well armed and armoured for its class.[1] The Vorchan is capable of creating its own hyperspace jump points,[1] and it is capable of flying in a planetary atmosphere.[4] Its primary weapons are two twin plasma accelerators, which are capable of destroying larger warships of other races (such as the Narn G'Quan-Class cruiser) in just a few hits.[3] Even the extremely advanced White Star vessels are vulnerable to the Vorchan's plasma cannon fire.[2]


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