Voronezh Malshevo (air base)

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Voronezh Malshevo
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Территория аэродрома Балтимор.jpg
Airport type Military
Owner Ministry of Defence
Operator Russian Air Force
Location Voronezh
Elevation AMSL 502 ft / 153 m
Coordinates 51°37′29″N 039°07′53″E / 51.62472°N 39.13139°E / 51.62472; 39.13139Coordinates: 51°37′29″N 039°07′53″E / 51.62472°N 39.13139°E / 51.62472; 39.13139
Direction Length Surface
ft m
11/29 8,202 2,500 Concrete

Voronezh Malshevo (also Malshevo, Mal'shevo, Voronezh Southwest, Baltimor) is an air base in Russia located 7 km southwest of Voronezh.

Up until late 2009 it was the home of the 105th Composite Aviation Division and 455th Bomber Aviation Regiment,[1] both with 16th Air Army/Special Purpose Command, the air forces command of the Moscow Military District. Following the air force reforms of 2009-10, it became the headquarters of the 7000th Air Base.

Warfare.ru says:[2] "unit # 23326. 7000th Guard Borisov-Pomeransk Double Red Banner Order Suvorov Airbase. Address: 394055, Voronezh. ex 105 comb div + 455 bbr, 183, 47 recce, 89 attack rgts. Planned staff 2009: 24 Su-24M, 4 An-30, 1 Mi-8, ? 2 Su-34. 2010: 2 sqdn Su-24M, 1 sqdn Su-24MR, Mig-25RB+ An-30. 20.10.2011 Su-24 crashed during landing in Amur distr, pilots dead."

The Natural Resources Defense Council listed it as a nuclear bomber base in a nuclear war study. However, no other sources on Long Range Aviation list it as a bomber base.

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