Vorskla River

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"Vorskla" redirects here. For the football team, see FC Vorskla Poltava.
Vorskla Poltava.JPG
Vorskla in Poltava
Origin Belgorod Oblast, Russia
Mouth Dnieper, Ukraine
Basin countries Russia, Ukraine
Length 464 km
Basin area 14,700 km²

The Vorskla River (Russian: Ворскла; Ukrainian: Ворскла, Polish: Worskla, German: Hureanus), located in Russia and northeastern Ukraine, is a south-flowing tributary of the Dnieper River.

An ancient fort, thought to be Gelonos, is on the Vorskla south of Okhtyrka. In 1399, the Battle of the Vorskla River was fought in the area. In 1709, the city of Poltava, on the banks of the Vorskla River, was besieged by Charles XII.

It has a length of 464 km, a basin area of 14,700 km² and is mostly navigable between its delta and Kobelyaky.

Tributaries of the river are: (Right): Vorsklytsia, Boromlya, (Left): Merlo, Kolomak, and Tahamlik.

Large cities located on the river are: Poltava, the capital of the Poltava Oblast, Okhtyrka and Kobeliaky.

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Coordinates: 48°54′15″N 34°07′18″E / 48.90417°N 34.12167°E / 48.90417; 34.12167