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Vossius Gymnasium in Amsterdam

Vossius Gymnasium is one of the five categorial gymnasia in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the others being Barlaeus Gymnasium, Ignatius Gymnasium, Cygnus Gymnasium and Het 4e Gymnasium. It is named after Gerardus Joannes Ernie Vossius, and was established in 1926. In 2014, the Vossius Gymnasium was ranked best VWO school in Amsterdam and 4th in the country by RTL Nieuws.[1]

Notable former students include Arnon Grünberg and Gerard Reve. They didn't finish their education there, with Arnon Grünberg claimed being expelled, which is described in his breakthrough debut Blauwe maandagen (Blue Mondays) and Gerard Reve describing the school as well in his famous debut De avonden (the evenings).

Some other notable former students are Rob du Bois, Rogier van Otterloo, Karel van het Reve, Renate Rubinstein and Igor Sijsling.

Notable former teachers include professor Arnold Heertje, professor Jacques Presser.


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