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Vostok and its captain, Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen on a commemorative coin of the Bank of Russia, 1994
Russian Empire
Name: Vostok
Namesake: East
Launched: 1818
Homeport: Kronstadt
Fate: Broken up in 1828
General characteristics
Type: 24-gun sloop-of-war[1]
Displacement: 900 tonnes[1]
Length: 39.62 m (130.0 ft)[1]
Beam: 10.36 m (34.0 ft) [1]
Depth of hold: 4.8 m (15.7 ft)[1]
Sail plan: Full-rigged ship
Speed: 10 kn (19 km/h)[1]
Complement: 117[1]

Vostok was a 28-gun sloop-of-war of the Imperial Russian Navy, the lead ship of the First Russian Antarctic Expedition in 1819–1821, during which Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen (commander of the ship) and Mikhail Lazarev (commanding Mirny, the second ship) circumnavigated the globe, discovered the continent of Antarctica and twice circumnavigated it, and discovered a number of islands and archipelagos in the Southern Ocean and the Pacific.[1]


Captain Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen with the Cross of the Order of St. Vladimir

Vostok was launched in 1818 at Okhta Admiralty shipyard, Saint Petersburg.[1]

On 14 July [O.S. 3 July] 1819 Vostok under the command of Commander Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen, the leader of the expedition, alongside Mirny under the command of Lieutenant Commander Mikhail Lazarev left Kronstadt and on 28 January [O.S. 16 January] 1820 reached the shore of Antarctica, which was sighted for the first time in history. After repair in Sydney in Australia, the expedition explored the tropical parts of the Pacific, and on 12 November [O.S. 31 October] 1820 again turned to Antarctica. On 22 January [O.S. 10 January] 1821 the sloops reached the southernmost point of their voyage at 69° 53' S and 92° 19' W. On 5 August [O.S. 24 July] 1821 they returned to Kronstadt.[1]

In 751 days they covered 49,723 miles (circa 92,300 km). Apart from the discovery of the world's sixth continent, Antarctica, 29 islands were mapped and complex oceanographic works carried out. A medal was issued by the Russian Admiralty to commemorate the expedition.[1]

In 1828 sloop Vostok was excluded from navy lists and scrapped.[1]

Named in honor[edit]

Vostok (left) and Mirny (right) during the First Russian Antarctic Expedition on a coin of the Bank of Russia


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