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Vote McGovern, also known as Vote McGovern, 1972,[1] is a colored lithograph by Andy Warhol. He produced it in support of George McGovern's 1972 presidential campaign. The print depicts a photograph of then-President of the United States Richard Nixon with his face dyed green and blue, and with his jacket and tie dyed pink and red, respectively.[2] Nixon was a Republican and McGovern the Democrats' candidate in the 1972 United States presidential election.

It was Warhol's first political poster[3] and has been described as Warhol's "most overtly political work".[2] The photograph of Nixon on which the print is based was taken from a photograph of him and his wife Pat Nixon on the cover of Newsweek; Warhol chose the colors used to dye Nixon's face based on those of Mrs. Nixon's dress.[3] Art critic Jonathan Jones described the print as follows: "Nixon's face is acidic green, colliding shockingly with an orange background, almost like classical Indian art in its chromatic intensity. It captures the way Nixon in the flesh looked like a cartoon, his head too big for his body. But that's all in the way of satire."[4] In 2016, it was featured in a printmaking exhibition at the British Museum.[3]


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