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Voter invitation cards of the USSR and Russia from various years (obverse)

A voter invitation card, or voter notification card, or notice of election card, is an informational leaflet, usually of the size of a postcard, which requests voters to attend the elections and which generally contains information regarding elections, place and time of voting, contact details of the electoral commission. Having certain artistic and undoubtedly historic merits, invitations to vote are collectibles.

By country[edit]



The USSR voter cards are often called "All come to vote" cards (Russian: "открытки «Все на выборы»") because during the Soviet Union period they inevitably carried an inscription, a slogan "All come to vote". One side of such voter invitation cards usually was artistically illustrated, while the other (reverse) side contained information. The text on such voter cards during the Soviet time carried invariable components: words "Dear comrade _____________. Please be reminded that on Sunday …"; and an appeal to come and vote for candidates of the electoral bloc of communists and independents. Voter invitation cards were sent on behalf of "trustee persons of the constituency election campaign conference of workers' representatives", campaign team, and were always characterized by electoral campaign propaganda, requesting to vote for the candidates of the electoral bloc of communists and independents.

Russian Federation[edit]

In Russia voter invitation cards are no longer electoral campaign propaganda. Their function is only to inform of elections, time of voting and location of the polling station, and more often than not contain only text without any images.

A voter invitation card of Transnistria

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