Vouga River

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Country Portugal
 - right Caima
Source Chafariz da Lapa
 - location Serra da Lapa, Sernacelhe, Viseu, Portugal
 - location Atlantic Ocean at Aveiro, Portugal
Length 148 km (92 mi)
Basin 3,635 km2 (1,403 sq mi)

Vouga River (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈvoɡɐ]) is a river in the Centro Region of Portugal. The source of the Vouga is the Chafariz da Lapa, at an elevation of 864 metres (2,835 ft), in the parish of Quintela, municipality of Sernancelhe, Viseu District. The course of the river ends in the Atlantic Ocean, in the form of a ria, the Ria de Aveiro.


  • Águeda (left bank)
  • Caima (right bank)
  • Sul (right bank)
  • Teixeira (right bank)


Cacia pulp and paper mill effluent, one of the major polluting sources of the Vouga River and Aveiro Lagoon, is discharged into the Aveiro coastal area. The area has an unpleasant smell due to the effluent.

Coordinates: 40°40′59″N 8°40′01″W / 40.683°N 8.667°W / 40.683; -8.667