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Vourukasha is the name of a heavenly sea in Zoroastrian mythology. It was created by Ahura Mazda and in its middle stood the Harvisptokhm or the "tree of all seeds".[1]

In mythology[edit]

According to the Vendidad, Ahura Mazda sent the clean waters of Vourukasha down to the earth in order to cleanse the world and sent the water back to the heavenly sea Puitika.[1] This phenomenon was later interpreted as the coming and going of the tide.[1] At the centre of Vourukasha was located the Harvisptokhm or "tree of all seeds" which contain the seeds of all plants in the world.[1] There is a bird Sinamru on the tree which causes the bough to break and seeds to sprinkle all around when it alights.[1]

At the center of the Vourukasha also grows the Gaokerena or "White Haoma", considered to be the "king of healing plants".[2] It is surrounded by ten thousand other healing plants.[2]

Later Allusions[edit]

In later times, Vourukasha was connected with the Persian Sea and the Puitika with the Gulf of Oman.[1]


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