Vous Island

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Native name: Βους
Βους Σερίφου 2079.jpg
View from southwest
Vous is located in Greece
Coordinates 37°08′31″N 24°33′43″E / 37.142°N 24.562°E / 37.142; 24.562Coordinates: 37°08′31″N 24°33′43″E / 37.142°N 24.562°E / 37.142; 24.562
Archipelago Cyclades
Region South Aegean
Regional unit Milos
Population 0 (2001)
Postal code 840 02
Area code(s) 22810
Vehicle registration EM

Vous (Greek: Βους; Translation: Ox) is a small island 2 kilometres off the coast of Serifos in The Cyclades, Greece. It received its name from its shape, which was an ox. There is no known populated place on the island, as it is too small in area for the creation of a village. The island has a perimeter of approximately 2 kilometres and is 570 metres at its longest points. The island is a popular attraction for tourists seeking a fishing holiday in the Greek Islands. Administratively, it is part of the municipality of Serifos.