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Vox Game Logo.jpg
Vox logo.
Developer(s) AlwaysGeeky Games
Engine Custom Built
Platform(s) Windows
Release date(s) 8 September 2012
Genre(s) Adventure, Role Playing Game
Mode(s) Singleplayer, Multiplayer

Vox is an independent voxel-based Adventure and Role playing video game under development by AlwaysGeeky Games.[1][2][3]


Vox is an adventure and creation game currently under development and follows on from other voxel based games such as Minecraft and Infiniminer. Vox will have a big focus on player created content, and will allow the player to customize every aspect of the game.

Players can create their own custom characters, weapons, items, monsters, NPCs and everything else in the game. Since everything in the game is made up of voxels, everything can be edited and customized using the same interface. The editors and tools that allow for creation of voxel objects and sprites are part of the game and built into the gameplay of the game. This allows Vox to further enhance the gameplay of other voxel based games, that only allow modification to the voxel world.

Vox also features a fully dynamic world that is populated with many interactive elements, such as monsters and NPC villages and will have a full story and adventure mode. This mode will also feature a dynamic quest system that will give the player greater focus and drive to do more in the game than just 'create stuff'.


Originally Vox started life as an entry into the Ludum Dare competition, number 23. The core voxel engine technology was created over the course of the 2 day Ludum Dare Weekend.[4]

The current state of development is a playable pre-alpha release version. Vox is being developed using an incremental release model and as new features and elements are added to the game, these are gradually released in updates. The current public release version is v0.53.[5]

As of August 2015, the game has not been updated in over a year and has received mostly negative reviews from Steam users.[6]

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