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FounderJacques Gardette
HeadquartersFontvieille, Monaco
ParentVenturi Automobiles

Voxan is a French motorcycle manufacturer established in Issoire, France, in 1995.[1][2] Initiated by Jacques Gardette, the project was to build the first French motorcycle company in the global market involving different partners.[1] Alain Chevallier designed the chassis, while Sodemo Moteurs focused on the engine.[1] The first prototype was shown in 1997, and the first production model released in 1999.[1]

All Voxan motorcycles use the same engine, a 72°, 996 cc V-twin.[1][2]


Voxan Café Racer
Voxan Black Magic
Voxan Charade Racing

Founded by Jacques Gardette in 1995, and financially backed by the Dassault Group in 1996, Voxan set out to become the first French motorcycle manufacturer in the modern era.[1] In 1999, the first model, the limited production Roadster, was delivered to dealerships and sold exactly 50 units.[1] The company then launched the Café Racer model in 2000, and the Scrambler model a year later.[1] Although Voxan had garnered support for its products within France, the company continued to struggle against the established Japanese and Italian brands.[1] In June 2002, Didier Cazeaux and Société de Développement et de Participation bought Voxan to ensure its continuity, and production restarted on April 1, 2003.[1] The Street Scrambler model was released in 2003,[1] and the Scrambler and Black Magic models in 2004.[1] Voxan opened its 23rd dealership, and its first in Luxembourg in May, 2005. In October, 2007, Voxan had an initial public offering on Euronext,[3] with both Sodemo Moteurs, and Fortune Terres Luxembourg considering takeover bids.[4][5][6]

On December 22, 2009, Voxan was forced into liquidation, and is now a subsidiary of the Monaco-based Venturi Automobiles.[2][7] Upon acquisition Voxan's manufacturing department ceased production, and its engineering staff were relocated to Venturi's headquarters in Fontvieille, Monaco.[2] In June 2010, Venturi announced Voxan's new eco-friendly corporate plan, evolving the creation of an electric motorcycle by 2013.[7]

Wattman electric motorcycle[edit]

In 2010, Venturi Automobiles announced the construction of an assembly plant for its electric vehicles in Sablé-sur-Sarthe.[8] This was to allow production of three types of electric vehicle including the (Venturi/ Voxan) Wattman electric motorcycle.[9] However the factory closed in 2015, apparently without the Wattman reaching production status.[10]


Former models[edit]

Year Name Production Reference
1999-2009 Roadster Yes [11]
2000-2009 Café Racer Yes [12]
2001-2009 Scrambler Yes [13]
2003-2009 Street Scrambler Yes [14]
2001 VB1 Yes [15]
2004 Black Magic Yes [16]
2004 Black Classic Yes [16]
2006 Charade Racing Yes [17]
2007 GTV 1200 No [18]
2007 Starck Super Naked No [19]
2009 VX-10 No [20]
2013 WATTMAN No [21]


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