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Industry Software
Headquarters Sausalito, San Francisco
Key people
Stephane Giraudie, Larry Fornallaz, Benoit Senard
Website www.voxeet.com

Voxeet is VoIP web conferencing software that uses 3D high definition voice technology to produce immersive sound. Voxeet is available on Windows, iPhone and Android. [1] In 2012, Voxeet won the DemoGod Award at DEMO Spring '12.[2]


During a real-life conversation, sounds follow a complex journey before reaching the listener's ears for decoding by the brain. The human brain analyses the sounds and all their alterations to determine the source's position in the room. This enables the brain to know instantly who the speaker is, even without recognizing his voice or seeing the speaker. In a crowded room with lots of background noise, the brain can isolate specific sounds and can focus on decoding the information or voice that matters while disregarding the others, a phenomenon also called the cocktail party effect.

Traditional conferencing software uses a single microphone that loses location information, mixing all the sounds. This makes it impossible for the brain to use spatial information to perform its filtering function, increasing listener fatigue by forcing participants to concentrate on both what the speaker is saying and on determining who is saying it.

Voxeet's technology reproduces these natural mechanisms using audio picked up by multiple microphones. Voxeet builds a virtual 3D audio space that mimics natural sounds without extra effort from the brain.[3]


Voxeet enables users to have up to 8 participants online conferences with high definition voice and 3D sound on Windows computers, iPhone and Android phones. Voxeet requires listeners to use headsets to experience immersion.[4]

  • VoiP HD 3D Sound
  • Visual Cues to know who is speaking
  • Mobile phone integration with one click transfer
  • Multiple participants - up to 8 participants per conference