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VoxelStorm Ltd
Limited company
FoundedJanuary 2, 2012 (2012-01-02) in Manchester, United Kingdom
FounderEugene Hopkinson

VoxelStorm Ltd is a British independent game development studio, video game publisher and music publisher. The company was founded by Eugene Hopkinson, and is based in England and Scotland.[1] VoxelStorm has developed and released several games, most nostably AdvertCity and sphereFACE.[2]

VoxelStorm writes their game engines in-house,[1][3] allowing them to have full control over what they are producing.


VoxelStorm's games tend to focus on Retrofuturism[3] and cyberpunk themes,[4] with dark cynical humour.[5] The settings of their games are frequently procedurally generated.[6][7] The graphics in VoxelStorm games tend to be heavily stylized rather than realistic.[8]


VoxelStorm makes their games available on Windows, Linux and OS X.

Game jams[edit]

VoxelStorm has taken part in multiple Game jams. AdvertCity, a published VoxelStorm game, was originally started in a CyberPunk Game Jam.[9] GolfXTRM was made in the Fuck This Jam Game Jam.[7]


VoxelStorm has been described as placing a great deal of emphasis on creating rich original soundtracks for their games.[10] The AdvertCity Soundtrack has received critical praise for its unusual genre choices for video game music, variously described as "cyber-jazz"[11] and "postrock, jazz & glitch".[12] It has been called "A profound and stunning accomplishment, even as a standalone soundtrack."[10]




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