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Voxel Space
Developer(s)NovaLogic, Kyle Freeman
Type3D graphics engine

Voxel Space was a voxel raster graphics rendering engine invented by Novalogic developer and vice-president of technology, Kyle Freeman.[1][2] The company was issued a patent for the technology in early 2000.[3][4][5]


The original Voxel Space engine was patented in 1996, and first released in software in the 1992 release Comanche: Maximum Overkill. The engine was then revamped into Voxel Space 2 (which supports the use of polygons as well as voxels, and was used in Comanche 3 and Armored Fist 2),[6] and later Voxel Space 32 and used in Armored Fist 3 and Delta Force 2.

Based on Kyle Freeman's experience with voxels in medical-imaging technologies used in CT scan[7] and MRI scanners, similar technology was used in games such as Outcast. With the advance of computation power in modern computers there do exist browser-based versions of similar technology based on the Voxel Space terrain rendering used in Comanche.[8]

The version of the engine used in the Comanche series utilized ray-tracing every pixel of the volumetric terrain data.[citation needed]


  • Voxel Space 3D:
  • Voxel Space 2:
  • Voxel Space 32: 32-bit rendering, 16 million color support, 360 degrees of transformation.[9]

List of games[edit]

The technology was used in a number of commercial game titles.[10]


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