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Voyage. Studies on Travel and Tourism (German: Voyage. Jahrbuch für Reise- & Tourismusforschung) is the leading interdisciplinary periodical for tourism research in Germany. The focus is on cultural studies, sociology and history of travel and tourism. Voyage was founded in 1997, the editor in chief is Hasso Spode (Berlin) and the publisher is Metropol Verlag (Berlin). The scientific advisory board gathers noted scholars such as Roger Willemsen, Stephen Greenblatt, and John Urry. The series or journal, respectively, appears approximately once a year, each issue having a special topic, e.g. 'Why Do We Travel?', 'Booked Emotions', 'Tourism Histories' or "The Hotel"; the latest volume (2014) deals with (post)modern 'Mobilities'. The language is German, the summaries of the articles are in English.

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