Voyage Sans Retour

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Voyage ~Sans Retour~
Studio album by Malice Mizer
Released June 9, 1996
Length 44:37
Label Midi:Nette
Producer Malice Mizer
Malice Mizer chronology
Voyage ~Sans Retour~

Voyage ~Sans Retour~ is the second album by Malice Mizer released on June 9, 1996. The title is French for "voyage of no return". It is their first material released with second vocalist Gackt. The first press edition, limited to 5000, came in a plastic slipcase with an additional "Visual Arts Booklet".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Yami no Kanata e~" (闇の彼方へ~; Beyond the Darkness...)   Mana 0:26
2. "Transylvania" Gackt Mana 4:01
3. "Tsuioku no Kakera ~a peace of broken recollection~" (追憶の破片 ~a peace of broken recollection~; Fragments of Memories) Gackt Mana 6:21
4. "Premier Amour" (First Love) Gackt Mana 4:55
5. "Itsuwari no Musetté" (偽りのmusetté; False Musetté) Gackt Közi 5:13
6. "N.p.s N.g.s" (N·p·s N·g·s; No Pains No Gains) Gackt Mana 4:07
7. "Claire ~Tsuki no Shirabe~" (claire ~月の調べ~; Claire ~In Search of the Moon~) Gackt & Közi Közi 5:47
8. "Madrigal" Gackt Közi 4:03
9. "Shi no Butō ~a romance of the "Cendrillion"~" (死の舞踏 ~a romance of the "Cendrillion"~; Macabre Dance) Malice Mizer Mana 5:25
10. "~Zenchō~" (~前兆~; Omen)   Mana 4:19


  • Gackt – vocals, piano
  • Mana – synth, guitar
  • Közi – synth, guitar
  • Yu~ki – bass
  • Kami – drums, percussion
  • Takeshi Kanazawa – violin on tracks 2, 5 and 8